Phase Two Commences in Washington, Werth and McNabb Take in Wizards Game

Aw look!  Washington is turning into Little Philly.

Today, the Nationals sent their fans this letter announcing PHASE TWO, or, as we like to call it- fourth place!  [Washington Post]

Jayson's signing stunned the assembled baseball universe two weekends ago in Orlando. As fun as it was to make the announcement, the signing also ushered in Phase Two of our franchise's evolution where we add the key pieces that will help us compete for division titles and championships.

We still have work to do. I assure you that the Nationals baseball operations department will continue to work around the clock to find the very best prospects and impact players to grace the field of Nationals Park on Opening Day — we look forward to seeing you there.


Jayson Werth was then introduced to the media.  He basically lied through his teeth about wanting to go to Washington to win and because it's a "good sports town."  This is what he had to say about the Phillies signing Lee.

"I missed that in Philly, what happened?"


You dick.  He was asked again.

"They got their boy back, I guess.  That's fine.  To be the best, you got to beat the best."



Last night, he took in the Wizards game to get a sense of that great sports town (much different than that other Wizard he saw).  Photo after the jump.


Photo via (@gopherballs)

Guess who else was at the game?  How about Donovan McNabb.  When they showed him on the big screen… fans booed him.  Heh.  And it only took them a few months.

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9 Responses

  1. hahaaaa, e’ry body make mistakes in they lifetime, like assuming people will like you because you are there team’s qb.
    as for jayson, whatever.

  2. Sell out piece of shit. How can he sit there and say that Washington is a winning team? He just got done beating up on them for 4 seasons. He knows how fucking bad they are. What a smacked ass.

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