Phil Jasner Dies at Age 68

For those who haven't heard yet, long-time Sixers writer for the Daily News, Phil Jasner, died last night, after a battle with stomach cancer.

Not having known Phil, I won't pretend to do him any justice.  We'll let those who knew him best do that.

Two outstanding obituaries at Philly Sports Daily and



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  1. I didn’t know him either, but hell, the guy did an amazing job covering one of the most miserable sports franchises’ in the entire country over the past 20 years, and he did it with enthusiasm. It’s sad that he passed, and it’s sad how many of us are passing due to cancer these days. I just lost a co-worker last week.

  2. The Sixers have long been my favorite Philly team. One of the things I missed the most after moving, was Phil Jasner on Daily News Live.
    Philadelphia has been blessed with fantastic sports writers & broadcasters. Phil Jasner ranks among the best & I’m going to miss him.

  3. As a sixer fan, his columns are were a big reason I got into the team so much. Now I have Andrew , haha
    RIP Phil jasner

  4. I had the privilege to work alongside Phil for one game last season, and in two hours he showed me as much kindness and grace as anyone else has in my entire career. He was a legendary writer and a great man. Philadelphia and the basketball community will miss him dearly.

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