That may have been the single greatest play in Eagles history.  A 65 yard punt return by DeSean Jackson to cap a 21 point comeback.

Before the play, D-Jac spent a good 60 seconds getting himself pumped up, upping the cocky scale to near dangerous levels.

Instead of kicking the ball out of bounds, Matt Dodge kicked a line drive directly to Jackson.  He fumbled it, picked it up, ran backwards, then… go time.

He was aided by one of the greatest blocks of all-time by Jason Avant.

Then, instead of just taking to the ball into the endzone for the win (after the clock was already at zero), he ran across the goal line to show boat the shit out of that play make sure time had expired.

"I just wanted to run it along the goal line.  I knew nobody was going to catch me.  I just like to do some things for excitement.  That's what the fans and all the crowd… they pay for that."  


Yep.  About 80,000 New Yorkers.


The Eagles just capped the biggest "F you, New York" week of all-time.  And THAT is another beautiful thing. A Cliffmas Miracle at the Meadowlands, if you will (thanks to @cerenz for the mixing of metaphors).

Video of the play after the jump.