Report Says Michael Leighton will Start in Net Tonight


Welcome the Big Bear back to the ice tonight in Los Angeles.

Yes, in the same building that has its floor graced by Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson's casket, comes the return of… Michael Leighton.  Lights out on Leighton will make his triumphant uncomfortable return to the ice tonight at the Staples Center. has the report.  It will be Leighton's first game action since Patrick Kane slipped the puck under his pads last Spring.

With Sergei Bobrovsky looking somewhat average lately, this could be an opportunity for Leighton to play himself back into a full-time role.  The Flyers plan, for at least the immediate future, to carry three goaltenders, in an uncomfortable game of "who's playing?"

My take?  Leighton has painfully slow lateral quickness and is nothing for than an average goalie who benefitted from a fantastic defense in the playoffs.  I'm not thrilled.

Weird highlight video that ends in… well, you know how it ends.


4 Responses

  1. Leighton is only in net because Bobrovsky and Boucher were each pulled in their last start. This is the perfect time to give Leighton a chance to play and possibly stop a losing streak.
    My take: Just play Bobrovsky.

  2. I mean they’re already not playing well as it is, with Bob and Boosh both getting pulled, so why not see what Leighton can do? Best case scenario is it pulls us out of the slump (if you can call a 2 game losing streak a slump…but given their extraordinary level of success this year, it feels like it). Worst case scenario is he gets pulled too. Low risk high reward. Lavs usually has a good feel for things, I trust whatever he thinks is a good idea (as long as Jody Shelley being in the lineup isn’t involved).

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