Ruben Amaro Got Booed by Jayson Werth, Likes Photoshops

For realsies.  We think.

Amaro was on Good Day Philadelphia this morning and he said he got a text from Werth:

I got a long text message from him last night booing me, in classic Philly style. He was upset. But hey, that’s how it works sometimes. Business is business. I think he was half kidding. I told him he could still have been on our club if he accepted arbitration.


I'm going to guess that "boo" was laced with profanities.  Sounds lke the two still have a joking relationship, but after what Cliff said yesterday, there's no doubt Werth is wearing his bitter pants this week.

Better?  Our friends at FOX asked Ruben about the "I Am Legend" Photoshop reader "Sprox" provided.  Win.

Ruben's smugness is at an all-time high.  And you know what?  I like it.

Video after the jump.  Also good- Cliff Lee didn't realize the Phillies had Spring Training in Clearwater (around 5:00 mark).


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  1. Poor Jayson, only guy on the PLANET to still be bitter after signing a 7yr/126M contract to play a game.
    See $$$ isnt everything….

  2. So the guy who gets the blockbuster money deal is pissed that he was replaced by the pitcher that told New York and Texas to get lost because he wanted to play in Philly. Jayson, consider this a life lesson. Sometimes you have to take less money to ensure more happiness. And good luck being a team leader from right field. With that pitching staff you will have plenty of practice throwing out guys who are trying to stretch a double into a triple.

  3. I wonder if RAJ tints his hair.
    I wonder if Jayson will be a bad influence on Nyjer Morgan.

  4. Gotta say, Curtis, that the Cliff Lee thing is on Cliff Lee. He was worried about “rude” fans in NYC so he took his act to Philly? Really? He’s going to be the Dan Marino of pithrecs, one of the best, Hall of Famer perhaps, but ultimately ring-less. I agree, I like Swish overall, but to call out the fans is every bit as classless as the booing itself. This isn’t little league. He signed a contract to play in NYC with eyes wide open.

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