Scott Hartnell Falls on a Penalty Shot, Flyers Lose to Unbeatable Thomas

By now, most of you know Scott Hartnell falls at an alarming rate, especially when he scores.  But he outdid himself last night.

He managed to fall not only on a breakaway, but also on the ensuing penalty shot.  Yes, Scott Hartnell fell on a penalty shot.  The Mites on Ice don't fall taking penalty shots.

The tripping call that led to the free shot appeared to take out Hartnell's legs, but upon further review, Harts actually withstood the initial blow and fell on his own.  For realsies.  When you get hit in the left side of the leg, your leg doesn't slip backwards a full second later.  

Two classic Hartnell falling .gifs after the hop, plus full game highlights (a compilation of Tim Thomas walking on water).  Flyers lost 3-0.  Game recap at Philly Sports Daily, including this gem from Danny Briere:

“Well, that was a big one to blow,” Briere said with a smile. “It’s early in the season. We’ll save it for when it matters.”


That's what she said.

Jump it for the .gifs.





8 Responses

  1. My old hockey coach told me that I either needed to learn how to stop, or learn how to fall gracefully.

  2. I’m trying to think of another lovable philly sports buffoon who F’s up just as much as he does well. Someone help me out.
    Also, i’m not sure how lovable he is…he takes a dumb penalty per game anymore, and doesn’t seem to learn. He still puts it in the net once in a while though.

  3. the ref has perfect timing after he falls after taking the penalty shot as well, he’s not signaling no goal, he’s signaling that scotty is safe

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