Jayson Werth was on with Howard Eskin this afternoon and took a thinly veiled shot at Ruben Amaro for trading away Cliff Lee last year:

If Cliff would have been there last year, I think our chances of wining a World Series would have been good.  In that regard, I think we missed an opportunity when we traded away Cliff.  

For him to go back there immediately… we missed each other, we became friends when we were there.  It's unfortunate that the situation didn't work out where we could play together somewhere again, whether that be in Philly or elsewhere.  We always talked about being free agents at the same time.  In the end it's a business, there was no collusion or anything like that going on.  It was just one of those things that had been talked about.  So when I texted him, it was just a little ribbing.  No big deal.



Other than that, he was very complimentary of Philly and the fans.  He even talked about the Flyers Stanley Cup game he attended (by the way, he was at a Capitals game the other night).

Audio here.