Jayson Werth Talks Cliff Lee with Howard Eskin

Jayson Werth was on with Howard Eskin this afternoon and took a thinly veiled shot at Ruben Amaro for trading away Cliff Lee last year:

If Cliff would have been there last year, I think our chances of wining a World Series would have been good.  In that regard, I think we missed an opportunity when we traded away Cliff.  

For him to go back there immediately… we missed each other, we became friends when we were there.  It's unfortunate that the situation didn't work out where we could play together somewhere again, whether that be in Philly or elsewhere.  We always talked about being free agents at the same time.  In the end it's a business, there was no collusion or anything like that going on.  It was just one of those things that had been talked about.  So when I texted him, it was just a little ribbing.  No big deal.



Other than that, he was very complimentary of Philly and the fans.  He even talked about the Flyers Stanley Cup game he attended (by the way, he was at a Capitals game the other night).

Audio here.


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  1. It’s good to know that Werth was complimentary about Philly and we fans. There were a lot of fans that pulled for him to be re-signed last season. He made his decision. I do believe there were ill feelings between Werth and Amaro but that’s just my personal opinion. Who knows? It’s not like either one of them would come out and admit that.

  2. I think the Phils will miss J-Dub’s arm more than his bat. Whoever replaces him will just have to step it up.

  3. worth was awesome here im happy that the phillies resurrected his carrier -that lead him to make millions in washington-with that said ill keep amaro over him any day – he’s home grown from NE Philly and acts like it

  4. If we kept Lee last year, we never would have gotten Oswalt. If we kept Werth this year, we never would have gotten Lee back. It worked out the best possible way it could, aqnd if Ruben really planned it this way a year ago, he is a genious. Also, Jayson Werth has 684 career hits. Domonic Brown should catch up with that number in a few years. Sorry Werth, but I don’t think you’ll be missed.

  5. @James I agree with you. If we had kept Lee last year (don’t forget Ruben had made an attempt to keep him longer) maybe we still would have gotten Halladay last year. In my mind, I can’t completely convince myself that the acquiring Halladay would have happened without trading Lee. We definitely wouldn’t have Oswalt. He was a consolation prize of sorts. We still wouldn’t have gotten to keep Werth.
    I prefer the way things happened. Werth got paid because the market warranted that even tho I think the Nats overpaid and they’re going to regret that contract. People moan about Howard’s contract. It only would have been a matter of time till they moaned about Werth’s contract. I like that we got Oswalt and, in the end, got Lee. I love all the fun memories Oswalt gave us fans this year. He’s a great pitcher with a fantastic personality and a desire to win. He belongs in Philly.
    Could we have won it all with Halladay, Lee, and Hamels this past year? Maybe. But I like our chances this coming season with R2C2 much better.

  6. Hey Werthless even with Cliff Lee your new team would have no chance of winning anything any time soon…

  7. I am going to miss Jayson Werth as a Phillie. He did a heck of a job with the team and it won’t be the same without him.
    That being said, I am just over the moon about getting Cliff Lee back!! Best Christmas gift ever!!
    Welcome home, Cliff!!

  8. I am glad to have Lee over Werth. Towards the end, Werth was starting to look and act like an angry bum. He was so bitter and anti-fun, it really ruined the Phillies experience partly. Now we have Lee and everyone is glowing with excitement. I’d be sorry about it, but I’m not. I’d rather have a happy Lee over a miserable and emo Werth any day of the week.

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