You get the idea.

NBC's Rick Chandler, generally someone I find entertaining, never passes up an opportunity to rip Michael Vick.  Yesterday was no different.  Vick told reports that he thought it was "unsportsmanlike" for most of the Giants to leave the field on Sunday without shaking hands.  He was right.

Chandler didn't like it:

First of all, as Shutdown Corner points out, not all of the Giants left the field immediately. Secondly, here’s some other unsportsmanlike moves:

Electrocuting dogs.

Flipping off fans.

 Visiting health clinics under the alias of “Ron Mexico” to get treatment for a STD. 

But Vick’s a changed man, you say? Then he should know the value of not judging others. When the Eagles lose in the playoffs — and they will — let’s see how long Vick hangs around on the field.

Move on, people.

H/T to reader Kurt