This Guy Won’t Get Off Vick’s Di…

You get the idea.

NBC's Rick Chandler, generally someone I find entertaining, never passes up an opportunity to rip Michael Vick.  Yesterday was no different.  Vick told reports that he thought it was "unsportsmanlike" for most of the Giants to leave the field on Sunday without shaking hands.  He was right.

Chandler didn't like it:

First of all, as Shutdown Corner points out, not all of the Giants left the field immediately. Secondly, here’s some other unsportsmanlike moves:

Electrocuting dogs.

Flipping off fans.

 Visiting health clinics under the alias of “Ron Mexico” to get treatment for a STD. 

But Vick’s a changed man, you say? Then he should know the value of not judging others. When the Eagles lose in the playoffs — and they will — let’s see how long Vick hangs around on the field.

Move on, people.

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  1. I think Mr. Chandler is confusing the term of unsportsmanlike with Vick’s personal life.
    I’m starting to wonder if I should have chosen a career in journalism, because apparently any dickhead with an opinion can become a writer for “respectable” outlets such as NBC. And The Mercury News.

  2. Love the fact that Vick is the most punished NFL Pleayer EVER and yet no one will let it go and I understand why….but damn give the guy a break.
    No one brings up Stallworth killing a man while drunk and driving…no one brings up the numerous Dallas Cowboys convicted of drugs in the 80’s and 90’s. How bout all the players with illegitiment kids and not supporting them or the domestic abuse cases against several players.
    I understand what Vick did was disgusting and I’ll never forget what he did, but I am learning that you can forgive someone and give them a second chance.

  3. Chandler is a scum bag. I was reading some of the comments that other people left for him regarding the “article” he wrote. Someone commented, “He paid his debt for killing dogs; a penalty far more severe than Donte Stallworth’s 30 day jail sentence for drunk driving and killing a human being, not a dog?!”
    I could not agree with this person more.

  4. Can’t wait to see Chandler jump out of his office building if the Eagles win it all this year or if Vick wins MVP.

  5. If Vick played for another team, you jokers would be calling him the worst possible things. Probably have “Dog Killer” signs and make a whole big deal out of it.

  6. @ Nick Swisher
    If he played for your favorite team (which I’m assuming is either the fucking Giants or Cowboys), you’d be loving Vick as well.
    Your comments are meaningless.

  7. Ill keep the trend alive….Nick Swisher = Clown.
    I dont know why he keeps calling himself a clown, but really….why is ANYONE a fan of the Giants or Cowboys?
    Questions without answers….one of the many wonders of the world….

  8. I hate to bring you guys down to earth, but Chandler has a point. In spite of the Eagles offense pulling off The Miracle Comeback of the Decade, if their defense keeps up with the way they played last week, I can’t see them going all the way to the Super Bowl. Other than that, the rest of his quotes are sour grapes.

  9. “When the Eagles lose in the playoffs — and they will — let’s see how long Vick hangs around on the field.”
    Didn’t we already beat the best team in the NFC? I don’t know how we will do, but I don’t think people should be predicting just yet.

  10. Just thought everyone should know…Vick went to jail for money issues NOT because of dog fighting charges. Although he was charged for dog fighting and the killing dogs, he was only fined for those charges and never went to jail for them. So everyone crying about Stallworth getting less time for killing a person than Vick did for killing dogs can now shut up.

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