This is the start of our second annual "Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of the year."  You can find last year's list here.  We will roll out a new moment each day (one over the weekend) from now until New Year's Eve.  How fitting is it that our list kicks off with more ownership of New York and the moment that made the Flyers Stanley Cup Run possible?

On April 11th, the Flyers and Rangers played the final game of the regular season.  The winner would continue on into the playoffs and the loser would go home.  After 65 minutes of play, the score remained tied, 1-1.  It would take a shootout to decide the winner.

Goals from Danny Briere and Claude Giroux gave the Flyers a 2-1 advantage going into the final shot.  It would be up to Olli Jokinen, 5-for-9 in shootouts last year, to keep the game going.  Brian Boucher stoned him.  The unlikely hero celebrated, Lavs pumped his fist, and the then Wachovia Center went wild.

The fact that this is number ten, means it was a very good year for Philly Sports.

Two videos of the shootout from CSN and the stands, after the jump.  As we're going to do with all of these, leave your memories of the moment in the comments.

If you set the second video 10 seconds ahead of the first and turn down the volume on it, you can watch the view from the stands with Jim Jackson's call.  Ya know, if you have the kind of time on your hands…I do.