Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of 2010: #2 The Timeout

Lavs_timeoutThis is our second annual "Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of the year."  You can find last year's list here.  We will roll out a new moment each day (one over the weekend) from now until New Year's Eve.

The entire Eastern Conference Semifinal series against the Bruins is cause for celebration.  But there is one moment that stands out above all the rest.

The Flyers not only fell behind 3-0 in the series, but also 3-0 in Game 7.  It appeared that they had blown their load.  The energy and resolve it took to even the series up was too great to sustain for another game.  For 15 minutes, the Bruins were all over the Flyers.  And after they scored the third goal, Peter Laviolette had enough.  He called a simple timeout to allow the team to regroup.  "Just one goal" was his message.  Just score one goal.

Minutes later, James van Riemsdyk took care of that.  In a series and game that will go down in history, it was Lavs' timeout that changed not only the course of the season, but also hockey in Philadelphia. As I wrote here, the Flyers' Stanley Cup run brought them back into the mainstream in Philadelphia.  Other than Richards, Carter, and maybe Pronger and Briere, there were no household names for the average sports fan in this city.  With so many young, new faces on the team, and after a rather disappointing season that included a coaching change, the Flyers were nowhere near the level of the Phillies or Eagles. A trip to the Stanley Cup Finals changed all that.  We now have characters and personalities- an identity.  All thanks to that little timeout, which spawned another month of excitement and countless positive sentiments for hockey in this city.

Thanks, Lavs.

Watch the full game highlights and video of the final two minutes from behind the bench, after the jump.

Rest of the Top Ten here.  As always, leave your memories of this moment in the comments.


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  1. AGREED COMPLETELY. God I will never forget this moment. I get chills thinking about it. Lavs is a timeout KING.

  2. The Pittsburgh Penguins: Your favorite NHL team would be that good too if they had as many first and second overall picks as the Pens did from 03-06 says:

    I had to work that night, and was pretty PO’d about it. Luckily I work at an ice cream shop, so I was fortunate enough to listen to the game on the radio. With each goal the Bruins scored, it grew that much more difficult to focus on work. After Lucic scored the 3rd goal, Tim Saunders said “Remember last year, the Flyers were up 3-0 on the Penguins in Game 6 of the Quarterfinals, and the Penguins ended up coming back and winning that game and subsequently, the series.” As JVR, and Hartnell, and Briere scored, pessimism grew to optimism, which grew to pure euphoria. I was able to get off work early to watch the entire 3rd period, and the rest is history. I’ve followed the Flyers extensively now for twelve years since I was in 1st grade, and this was, along with Game 6 of the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals and Game 5 of the East Finals from this past year, the best Flyers game I can remember listening to/watching on tv. What a run it was.

  3. So, I guess the Halladay Perfect Game or Playoff No Hitter is #1???
    I looks like this one qualifies as the “entire” comeback. I wold have ranked this #1, but thats just me.

  4. It’s honestly a toss up between this comeback and Halladay’s perfect game / no hitter. I guess because he did BOTH, maybe… I don’t know, you could really put the whole comeback vs. the Bruins and Halladay’s work as a tie for number one, and I think we all would have been fine with that. 🙂

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