Video: Philly Owns New York

The Eagles not only completed an incredible comeback, but they also capped off a week of Philly dominance over New York sports teams.

On Monday night, news broke that Cliff Lee would take less money and play for the Phillies, instead of the Yankees.  Over the weekend, the Flyers put a hurting on the Rangers and, well, we all know what happened against the Giants.  DeSean Jackson's punt return touchdown finished off a 21 point fourth quarter comeback.

Philly owned New York.  All.  Week.  Long.  

We put it into one video… after the jump.


48 Responses

  1. Epic. I hope everyone in NY gets to see it!
    Dear New York,
    How does it feel to be our bitch?
    With love, Philadelphia

  2. The Pittsburgh Penguins: Your favorite NHL team would be that good too if they had as many first and second overall picks as the Pens did from 03-06 says:

    This video is so full of win.
    I want to thank the the Good Lord for making me a Philadelphia sports fan.

  3. FU New York…We owned your ass again. And its been fun to laugh at you New York New York. First you lost Cliff Lee. Then the Flyers kicked your ass. Then We stamped another miracle in New York New York. If Philly can beat New York here, then they can beat them ANYWHERE. So F You New York…NEW YORRRRK! HAHAHAHA We own you!!!!!!!!!

  4. How many rings does Cliff Lee have?
    How many Superbowls have the Eagles won?
    When was the Flyers last Stanley Cup?

  5. It’s OK, New York. You’ll feel better on New Year’s when you do that thing that you do…drop the ball.

  6. Nick Swisher is the guy who pops out of the shower pointing to his dick with a huge grin on his face. At least make your name something respectable like “Paul O’Neill” or “Scott Brosius”.

  7. ALL NEW York is is a bunch of losers……..spoiled to the core……..Can’t even lose without trashing someone……..even your own coach trashing a rookie player for the whole nation to see……..classless!!!!

  8. HAHA…Nick Swisher is the poor man’s Jayson Werth. Product of the ballpark and the lineup. Swisher is such a North Jersey self righteous douche. Now that he’s married to some celeb whore he will really go in the shitter. Fuck you and your 27 Championships…unless your 50yrs old you haven’t been able to celebrate but about 3 of them.

  9. Time for the “Gold Standard” to show Vick and Jackson the money. NOW!
    BTW Samuel is not out 5 grand because he told Jackson before the punt ill give you 5g’s if you run it back, lol.

  10. Amazing week of Philly-NY stuff. But I hate to be the one to point out that they only Philly-NY series or game that meant everything recently, was the one in Oct-Nov 2009. I’d trade a week of this for a win in that one. I’m sure they would too. Of course if Birds go on to win SB this year (or at least win NFC), then yesterday’s game will be even that much more historic.

  11. Everytime you Eagles fans get full of your selves, Giants win yet another superbowl. Miracle at the Meadowlands… blah, blah, blah. It’s the main show that separates the men from the boys. Giants are 3 of 4 with accomplishments left on the field… thats 3 Superbowl wins.
    Eagles??? 0 for 1 with a bunch of puke left on the field.

  12. Nick Swisher, this is the present. Don’t come in here boasting about the only reason you’re a NY fan at all… those 27 rings. Clown.

  13. 10% of Yankees fans care about baseball. The other 90% are about to be our fans in a couple years, not that I’m happy about that.

  14. When i was twelve, i won the football championship. Now, i make sure everytime i meet somebody, i tell them about my past. And how i won the championship. That i’m better than them, because of it. I make sure they know when it happened. I make a point of it that it’s in my past. Now? I dont even play football. But i make it a point, that to everyone i meet, they know about my past. Hell, i’ll tell them my whole life story – whether they care or not.
    So go ahead, talk about your “27 rings.” Talk about the past. It’s really not that hard; i understand where you’re coming from. The Revolutionary War, The Civil Rights Movement.
    History class is for talking about the past. Live in the present. Do yourself a favor – don’t act like a Cowboys fan.

  15. What does the yankees 27 rings, the giants superbowl rings and the rangers cup rings have to do with this year?? Anything? No? Thanks new york. Get the FUCK out

  16. Nobody likes you New York…most over rated city in America. Your governor looks like he has down syndrome.

  17. Dan, you have to make the playoffs first in order to win a Superbowl. Stop trying to be cocky on a Philly sports board. It’s so last season.

  18. the only way things could be better right now would be if the Phillies got rid of Hammels and got a RH bat.

  19. Guess your city needs to be happy about something because its obviously not championships. Enjoy the regular season win, the NHL regular season win and a free agent pitcher that got his ass kicked in the post season just like your entire Phillies rotation did. lol @ being happy about the little things.

  20. sucks to be a philly fan…one ring in 27 years? ouch i guess i would get excited to about couple regular season wins. sore losers!!!!

  21. ughhhh vick this vick that, hes the same loser just like mcnabb. just mcnabb is not a criminal. i pray the giants see the eagles in the playoffs, and make this town cry again just like every year when theyre teams break their hearts!

  22. No Cup in nearly 40 years, two World Series in a hundred years and no Super Bowls ever. Yes, Philly, you “own” us. Pathetic.

  23. hey hoff last time i checked lee owned new yorks ass last year with the rangers to play in the world series and whens the last time the giants were a good football team 2008 its 2010 and u no wat they SUCK ASS ur precious were even wrse considering the money they pay their players to play so go back to the overrated shithouse u live in and cry all u want. fly EAGLES fly

  24. Dan the Giants fan is a doche-nozzel of epic proportions. Anyone who calls out anything that happened prior to THIS season in defense of their CURRENT team, is an IDIOT. Those 3 SuperBowl rings will do NOTHING to help the Giants win games right now. NOT A DAMN THING! When those rings are winning you games this year, then come holler at me. Dan the Giants Fan…that’s original, did you come up with that all by yourself? Seriously, can you even tie your fucking shoes?
    On another note, this video is the shit, and I’ve watched it like 20 times this week, and re-posted it myself on facebook just to promote it a little more.

  25. Good Stuff! Why in the hell do any New Yorkers even look at this page? Dont you have your own crap to read, or do you want to read about winners? Get outta here!! Youre not even fans. You just wanna tell people you are. Frauds!

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