Video: Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels Discuss Cliff Lee, Jayson Werth, and the 2011 Phillies

Not a ton going on in the sports world this week, but we did get exclusive video of a conversation between Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels from a sauna in Clearwater, where Roy is already working out (no really, he is).  He's ready for the season to start.


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  1. Who puts these videos together? They’re a riot. I won’t use the f word in my comment. I’m a lady 🙂 LOL
    Thanks for laugh, Kyle.

  2. That was funny, but still think the Cliff Lee/Jayson Werth one was much better! Also, why did Doc have a British accent? That kinda threw me off! These videos are a stitch, though! Keep ’em coming! GOTTA LOVE CB!!

  3. Heap of garbage and white trash beard!!!…amazing!…..i love Crossing Broad and xtra normal and of ciurse Philly sports minus the Sixers

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