Rendell: We’re Becoming a Nation of Wussies

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I had planned on being up late last night, to be on top of what would have no-doubt been an exciting football game- another in a string of epic contests this year for the Eagles.  Instead, the Mayor and city decided that they would push for a postponement.  The Governor, appearing on FOX Philly, didn't agree:

"It's an absolute joke. I was looking forward to this. It would have been a real experience. This is what football is all about. We're becoming a nation of wussies."


This is the reason that many folks around the country laugh at Philadelphia.  Without going through the list of "snow games" in NFL history, it's safe to say that other cities have had to deal with far worse conditions for fans.  The NFL said that a game hadn't been cancelled because of snow since the 1930's.  You mean to tell me that, in that time span, fans in Green Bay, New England, Chicago and other cities haven't had to deal with blizzard conditions when attending a football game?  Of course they have.

But not in Philadelphia.  Mayor Nutter and city hall, in the same month where they decided it would be a good idea to call shopping area outside of city hall "Holiday Village," urged the NFL to cancel the game.  It had nothing to do with the play on the field, but everything to do with fans safely attending the game.  That's a noble cause and all, but we're all big people here, no one was being forced to go to the game.  Don't feel safe?  Don't go.  And before we go making the "that's not fair to those who bought tickets" argument, the Eagles are not offering refunds to those who made holiday weekend plans to attend last night's game.  Even though refunds, in both instances, would probably be the right thing to do.

Instead, it appears as though the city, perhaps in a testament to its fans' passion, acknowledged that they weren't confident in their ability to keep lots clear. Again, all because of the threat of snow.

As a Villanova fan, I remember two games in which they played in far worse storms, forcing fans who still chose to attend the games to drive.  In 2005, the day before the NFC Championship, Villanova beat Kansas at the Wachovia Center in the midst of an epic snowstorm.  Last year, they played Georgetown in our nation's capital during another northeast snowstorm.  Neither game was cancelled.  I, for one, stayed home from that 2005 game.

In 1993, despite 12 inches of snow, the Flyers didn't cancel a game against Wayne Gretzky and the Kings.  The game was later postponed during the first intermission, but only because winds blew out windows on a poorly designed Spectrum.

Every winter team plays in snowstorms.  It's just what they do.

But no, not the Eagles.  The city decided it couldn't handle 70,000 fans converging on South Philadelphia should it be covered in 20 inches of snow- which it wasn't.

The Gov is right, this was an absolute joke.

Funny video of Rendell and John Bolaris arguing, after the jump.

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Rendell Irate Eagles Game Was Postponed:


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  1. i thought i heard that this was the NFL & Eagles’ decision…not the City’s. Oh well…maybe i heard wrong. I can’t imagine why the NFL would want the game postponed, anyway. They don’t care about anything but $.

  2. Seems everyone is at fault here. Eagles could have offered refunds for all unused tickets and made it a “go at your own risk” situation. But of course they aren’t about to lose half their gate + beer sales, etc.
    Nutter and the city probably remember the storms from last year where accumulation predictions kept growing by the hour. And didn’t want to risk deciding to play it when we’re getting 2 feet vs 10 inches because the weather pattern hung around an extra 6 hours. If you are going to cancel you have to make that call by around when they did, before the crews arrive at the stadium. And if they had played the game and then we got 2 feet, and/or someone died on the way home from the game, the stories today would all be about how “a football game is more important than people’s safety.” A no win situation.
    And of course the TV networks share the blame. NBC moved a game in Philly in December to a night game, which was risky weather wise to begin with. R Diddy covered this well in his column today. Then they are making the Eagles play on 5 days rest next week because they don’t want to go up against MNF on ESPN tonight.

  3. Also a football game is a little different, when it comes to lost revenues. You only have 1 of 8. Other sports have numerous more home games. So a bad weather game here or there, you can live with half the crowd showing up. Not that the Eagles will have trouble paying bills if they lost half a game’s revenues, but just saying.
    It’s a lot easier to say “the game must go on” with sports that are played indoors with 40+ home games a year.

  4. I’ve been saying this shit for almost a year. When you start letting faggot hippies run around in your locker rooms it makes your teams soft and full of faggots as well.
    If that hippy faggot never came into our lockers there would be football played today.

  5. I love how all you complain until you actually had to sit there in the upper rows and try to watch the game with 30mph winds + driving snow and near – degree wind chill temps.
    That being said, I would of loved to watch the game or sit there watching in the snow. I was at the Seattle game years ago and sat there in the snow watching and it was great. But like John E. said, you have to weigh all the options. Supposed that storm did move farther inland and dumped 2′ of snow while the game was going on and stranded everyone there or someone did get hurt or killed?
    I do agree with the “nation of wussies” statement. No more losers in kids games? Everyone gets a trophy? Come on, there are winners and losers, its just the way it goes.

  6. I went to school at Syracuse, and this is beyond laughable. They’ve had 72″ of snow this month, and I don’t remember a single word about anything being even discussed as canceled. Oh, and the Carrier Dome even sent their engineers to Minneapolis to help with the Metrodome ‘situation’.

  7. one thing i would like to know is how many of you had tickets to this game? well i do…. and i live in delaware, i was not about to drive 30-45 min one way in about 2 feet of snow in south philly! even though i have a 4×4, that is just ridiculous!(not to mention i had to get up at 630 for work today). And what am i to do NOT go(which i was prepared to do) and then lose out on my $250+ pair of tickets that i worked hard to obtain??? but i am sure Jeff Lurie would have personally delivered me a full refund check had i chosen not to attend due to weather(sarcasm)… smart move NFL

  8. In defense of Nutter, he was on 97.5 and reiterated that the decision had nothing to do with him, stating, “When it’s raining in the summer, the Phillies don’t call me to see if they should have a rain delay.” Of course the city has something to say about the state of the roads with the storm, but it wasn’t the city pleading with the NFL to postpone it. Just think what negative images we’d have if people were injured or killed on their way home from the game. Let’s all relax.

  9. Bob- I hear you on sitting in 30 MPH winds, but I would suggest that buying tickets to an NFL game in December wouldn’t be the best idea for folks who don’t like cold. It’s a risk that is completely taken on by people buying tickets. Same with snow, precedent says a game was never cancelled because of snow.

  10. The real embarrassment here is all of the crybabies complaining because a football game time was moved. “Wah, I can’t watch my team play. Let me sit in a corner and sulk because all my life revolves around sports.”
    Sure, it would have been a memorable game. But remember the most infamous memorable game in Eagles’ history? THE FOG BOWL, a game the Eagles should have won but didn’t because the visibility on the field was so horribly reduced. Was that game being so memorable worth the consequences? Surely it was not.
    If you want a highlight reel game, I’ll take the reel of Andy Reid getting a Gatorade shower in Dallas over a game played in the snow where we lose most of our main advantages (passing offense, speed receivers, and agile rushers) and run the risk of Vick, Jackson, or McCoy getting hurt.
    AND STOP BLAMING THE MAYOR AND CITY. First of all, it was not their call. It was the NFL’s. Also, the City did not try to force the NFL by declaring a state of emergency. A state of emergency was declared so that important roads could be free of parked cars so that they could be plowed and business could be conducted today. The local economy has to keep running as well as it can. Nutter even said that if you’re going to the game, take public transit.
    Maybe if so many suburbanites weren’t such crybabies about taking public transit, this wouldn’t have been an issue. One host on WIP had the gall to say that people in the suburbans had no way to get in. REALLY? It’s called Regional Rail or PATCO to the Broad Street Line. That takes care of all of the suburbs in 3 states. Don’t be so ignorant. And if Regional Rail was not running, Rendell should be complaining about SEPTA, not Mayor Nutter. If we weren’t so dependent upon cars, the likelihood of this scenario goes way down.
    Get real people. Some things are more important than the Eagles playing a Sunday night game. Also, when the Eagles stand to benefit from that Sunday night game being moved, you have to recognize that fact. Sure, they’ll have short rest, but I think that is not as important as them having a harder time beating the Vikings. Even though the Jets couldn’t pull it out, the Packers still won, so they now have something to play for. The Ealges MUST win two games to get the 2nd or even 1st seed. Stop whining and be objective about this situation. Given the circumstances, the game being moved is a good thing.

  11. I do not think the decision to cancel the game was one based solely on potential travel conditions. I think the league was not interested in putting on a game in Philadelphia when there was snow in the stands. I truly believe the league, the Eagles, and the city wanted to avoid the possibility of snowballs raining down on the field. Let’s face it, all it takes is one jackass to throw one snowball and the National media and other out of market media outlets would have a field day repainting us as boorish fans. The one snowball that was thrown at Santonio Holmes in Chicago yesterday would have been the lead story on Sportscenter with a “Philly Fans Bad Behavior Top Ten” list if it had happened here…and you know it would have happened. With 65,000 people in the house 1 jackass is bound to show up. This is why I am glad the game was postponed, so that one jackass can’t cause more problems for the rest of us.

  12. Those agreeing with Rendell are agreeing with a guy that is somehow connecting this with Tiananmen Square. Enough said.

  13. So far in actual “real” conversation with people, those who had tickets to the game are glad it was postponed. Those who were going to sit at home and watch it on their couch are not pleased. Well guess what, sitting on your couch and watching it is not helping the team any. They run on ticket sales and other such revenues, and they don’t get that money from a half empty, freezing cold crowd. This is one game in my entire lifetime that was postponed. Get over it.

  14. This is similar to November around election time: if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Well if you don’t have tickets to the game, you can’t complain.

  15. The fact that the game was moved isn’t a problem, although I believe they should have played if people in the suburbs weren’t pussies and took Septa…that aside, the real problem to have is with NBC and the league being too afraid to make it tonight as to not challenge ESPN and MNF. That’s bullshit right there.

  16. Agree 100% with K.Scott. I live in Baltimore. Me and 2 friends have season tickets and make the drive each and every home game. We were half way to Philly with a car full of food, drink and tailgate gear when they postponed the game. I had friends in OC, MD making the trip that had to turn around. I’ve never heard of such a thing. This is the pussification of the NFL. It’s football. Play the damn game.

  17. If they played the game and the Eagles had lost…everyone ripping the city and the league would be upset that the game wasn’t postponed. You can never please the idiot species that is the Negadelphian. Imagine they lose and Vick gets hurt slipping on an icy field. There was no reason for anyone to be out during a potentionally dangerous Nor’easter. They are winter’s hurricane.

  18. ed rendell is officially a weasily jerk. as governor he declared a state of emergency which means that no one can drive on the roads. then he goes on FOX as an ‘analyst’ and says that cancelling the game is ‘a joke.’ uh…. double standard there gov?
    if the game were at 1pm it would have been played.
    forcing people to drive home (after probably having a few beers) at midnight in a major snowstorm is not a good idea and may have caused more than a few tragic accidents – then everyone would have said they should have cancelled the game.
    get off mayor nutter’s case. a snow emergency that he called is about parking. a state of emergency which ‘the gov’ called is about staying the heck home.
    the gov is a hypocrit, plus he’s a jerk for trying to throw mayor nutter and the city of philadelphia under the bus. way to go gov. (not)

  19. philly got scared of couple inches of snow! what a pathetic city…..pretty bad when your own governor rips your city! wussies!!!

  20. Rendell is a damn fool.
    By midnight (barring OT, the time 60,000 drunk idiots would have been getting back in their cars and swerving and crashing all over the city and bridges and Jersey), we were in the middle of a BLIZZARD.
    But God forbid they get their right to get shit-faced, sit in a blizzard, and then risk their own lives and the lives of others trying to get home.
    The NFL sucks, but it made the right call yesterday.

  21. The Philadelphia pussies is now their official team name. Come on, this is football, you play the game in all weather absent of a hurricane, period! Stop all this whining! They’ve never canceled a game in Buffalo or New England because of snow. It’s called individual responsibility. The fan should be allow to assess the risk of travel. I’ve driven in far worse storms than the one Philly just experienced. If you feel you can’t handle the drive don’t do it. I hate this prevalent attitude that people are stupid and need to be treated like children because they can’t intelligently assess risk on their own.

  22. If Philly was as competent as other experienced, snowbound cities, we would have had a game that Sunday night.

  23. Democrat Rendell looks for a way to describe the pathetic weakness of Americans, so he uses a misogynistic term.
    And the media yawns. And giggles.
    You can bet if he were a Republican that the media and the NOW would be spitting fire and calling for his resignation.
    What’s that called? oh yeah a double standard

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