Werth’s Agent Visits Boston, Pat Burrell Gets a Contract

Couple of quick baseball tidbits.

Scott Boras is supposedly visiting the Red Sox today.  UPDATE: They met in Chicago.  On the docket: Adrian Beltre and Jayson Werth.

Goodbye, Beard.

Speaking of ex-outfielders, Pat Burrell has signed a one-year contract extension with the Giants.  I hate to quote the Mercury News, but….

I heard tonight and was able to confirm that the Giants and Burrell have agreed on a discounted, one-year contract for 2011. It looks like Burrell and good pal Aubrey Huff will be able to punch each other after home runs for one more season. And the Giants will have one more misfit back from their 2010 World Series roster.

One year- just like the number of World Series hits he has.


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  1. don’t say goodbye to someone that isn’t gone yet. And i use that term YET alot. I have yet to hear anything else about werth leaving Werth Himself said he isn’t close to signing with any team YET including the Phillies.

  2. I gotta go with quality over quantity here. Pat may have only had one hit in a World Series, but it was a damn important one.

  3. I truly believe that Burrell brings intangibles that you can’t put a price tag on. He was our 08′ Daulton, being our clubhouse leader. He’s an emotional type of player, which is why he had very little production in Tampa. He didn’t want to be there, he’s an NL guy and was comfortable with Philadelphia. The only reason he kinda got back on track in San Fran is because it’s his home, and playing along side your best friend is nothing but a good thing. I think, especially last year, we lacked a clubhouse voice. Rollins tried to take over but he was out for most of the year and people tried to feed off of Roy, but that’s only every 5 days. Love him or hate him, Pat Burrell was a key piece to our World Series win.

  4. Don’t think Werth is gonna stay, he is out. The Phillies made him a couple offers well within what he was looking for, even for a bit more. He is letting his greed get the best of him. The Phillies are not going to toy with him. They have talent in the minors ready to come up (Brown, Mayberry). With the way the talks are going and where they are heading, you can add Werth to your “former players we boo” list!

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