ZOMG The Washington Nationals Want Cliff Lee Too

Lee_werthYou're coming with me

Stop it.  Stop them.  Somebody, please.

Multiple reports out of the Winter Meetings say the Nationals are very much interested in Clifton Phifer Lee and may make him an offer he can't refuse offer him a ridiculous contract.

Buster Olney (@buster_espn):

growing speculation among rival agents and executives that the Nationals are going to throw a HUGE number at Cliff Lee


Jon Heyman (@SI_JonHeyman):

Source: #nats "very much'' in on cliff lee. Rumor is they may throw out 7 year offer.


NY Daily News:

According to a major-league source, the Nationals – who already blew the market open with their seven-year, $126 million deal with Jayson Werth – are looking to make another big splash, one that would send shockwaves throughout the hot stove market.

The source indicated that the Yankees – who have been viewed as the frontrunners to land the 2008 American League Cy Young winner – are not willing to go to a seventh year for the 32-year-old Lee.


FOX Sports:

The New York Yankees are the perceived front-runner to land Lee.

However, one source with knowledge of the team’s thinking insisted that the Yankees do not plan to offer the pitcher a seven-year deal.


Adam Kilgore (@adamkilgoreWP) of The Washington Post Reports the Nats are interested, but the seven-year offer won't be made:

Don't completely rule out Cliff Lee signing with the Nats, or team and agent continuing dialogue. The 7-year offer, though, won't be made.


Philly Sports Daily also confirmed the Nats' interested in Lee:

A source with knowledge of the situation told Philly Sports Daily that the Washington Nationals are interested in signing Lee and making their second shocking move of the offseason.

The source said it’s hard to tell how serious Washington is, though the team did meet with Lee’s representatives. It was uncertain if an offer had been made.


At some point over the last few days, the Nats must have said "F you, World, we're going for it." Perhaps they are turning into the Yankees of the NL East, as douchebag Bryce Harper said.

It's not as crazy as it sounds, the Nationals made a very real run at Mark Teixeira two years ago, so they're serious about trying to win.  Lee and Werth are also good friends.  Lee said he often texted Werth during the season (ZOMG LeBron-D Wade style plot).  

This would make the Nationals a very formidable opponent this year and a serious contender in 2012, when Stephen Stasburg comes back from Tommy John Surgery and Bryce Harper likely makes The Show.

Stay tuned.

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20 Responses

  1. NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! NO! Somebody put a stop to this! And for christ’s sake, stop going to games in Washington! How the fuck are they affording this???? Have they ever sold out a game, other than a Phillies game???? Make it stop.

  2. the ZOMG cracks me up everytime i see it. As for clif flee rumors I wont believe a single one of them until I see him holding up a jersey for whatever team he signs with.

  3. Let the Nats get our sloppy seconds. They still wont beat H2O. We will still kick their ass. Werth only plays when he wants to, Lee will get injured, and Strasburg is going to turn into Greg Oden of the NBA.

  4. OK, Nick that is just a retarded comment. Except the H20 part. And its not like Lee has nor should ANY loyalty to the Phillies, he was a trade deadline pick up that played for 4 months before THEY traded him. Stop with all this shit about him being anything related to Philadelphia anymore. He spent the same amount of time on the Rangers and Mariners in the last year both in which were more recent that the Phillies.

  5. I did not say anything about Lee should be loyal to Philly retard, nor the Phillies should make a obsurd offer to him, we dont need him. The main point is the Nats are getting ex-Phillies to build their club.

  6. If you are Nick from Germantown, that’s all you have been saying for the past three months…and your shitty grammar is a high indicator of that.

  7. If the Nats get Lee, I will become a Nats fan. They care about their fanbase more than the Phillies, who only care about saving money. Jayson Werth is a franchise player who has another 10 years in him, and Cliff Lee is the best pitcher in baseball. The Phillies had the chance to keep them both and would not, they also gave away JA Happ, one of the best young pitchers in baseball, to bring in more old players. The Nationals are showing themselves to be a force in the NL.

  8. I find it hard to believe that the Nats can offer a number that the yankees wont match. Historically, when the yankees really want a guy it’s rare that they wind up without him.

  9. FanSince09 you are asinine. And for the record DOC HALLADAY is the best pitcher in baseball. Love, fan since 81, the year I was born.

  10. FanSince09,
    1) The Nats do not care about their fan base. You can’t care about something that does not exist.
    2) The Phillies have increased payroll DRASTICALLY recently. It’s a business, so of course they want to make money. But they are obviously not adverse to spending it to remain competitive.
    3) Werth is a great player. He is not a franchise player. Speed fades. Power fades. He has only shown above-average in both of those categories, elite in neither. Also, he will not do as well as he did in the Nat’s lineup. they overpaid for Werth, and I’m glad the Phillies didn’t offer something this ludicrous.
    4) Cliff Lee is not the best pitcher in baseball. That is either Roy Halladay, who is on our team, or Felix Hernandez of the Mariners. Neither of them is going anywhere for a long time. Lee is, quite simply, the best FREE AGENT pitcher available this year.
    5) I like Happ, I really do, but he is nothing more than a #3. Also, Happ isn’t as young as you seem to think. He’s 28. As in 2 years older than Hamels. In other words, he wasn’t even the best young pitcher on OUR TEAM when he was traded. Let alone baseball, where, once again, Hernandez reigns supreme.
    6) The Nats have shown nothing. They’ve overpaid for a right fielder, and are “talking about” bringing in Cliff Lee. Fantastic. The they would have Lee, Werth, Zimmerman, and…? Exactly. We’ve got three big name PITCHERS let alone position players. They look like they could be a force in 2-3 years, but many things can happen between now and then. Such as their star pitcher needing Tommy John.
    7) Please leave. The Phillies don’t want you to be a fan. You make me ashamed, not just as a Phillies fan, but as a baseball fan.
    Thank you, and good day.

  11. A good marriage is like an incredible retirement fund. You put everything you have into it during your productive life, and over the years it turns from silver to gold to platinum.

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