2012 Winter Classic at Lincoln Financial Field?

It could happen, folks.

Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com and CBC says that Lincoln Financial Field may be the leading candidate to hold next year's NHL Winter Classic: [CBC]

Even though major network executives could decide the future of New Year's Day extravaganza, several U.S. cities have already told the NHL they want to host the next Winter Classic.

Contributor Pierre LeBrun said Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia — home of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles — is the front-runner. Colorado and Minnesota are other interested cities.

"The NHL prefers the NFL stadium model compared to the baseball stadium," LeBrun said.

Colorado and Minnesota, they ain't cities.  We kid.

This is a long way from "ZOMG the game is coming here get your tickets now can I get them at Crossing Broad Tickets yes you can," but it's something.

It's interesting that the NHL prefers the NFL stadium model compared baseball stadiums.  Even though they could sell more tickets and sight lines are better at football stadiums, something about hosting a hockey game in a baseball stadium is more appealing, where the venue is so much more apart of the draw than it is at football games.  Puck Daddy uses Google trends to somewhat debunk that thought, but I'm not sold on casual fans not preferring a baseball stadium.

The most talked about matchup is Flyers vs. Rangers, but that's just speculation at this point (simply because, along with the Flyers, the Bruins, Penguins, and Capitals have already been used).  I would argue that the Canadiens would make more sense, since the future of the Heritage Classic may be in doubt.  Not to mention the budding rivalry between the two teams.

Of course, jokes about cancelling the game in the event of snow, can now commence.

In the video after the jump, Greg Whyshynski says that Washington, Baltimore, and Michigan are all possibilites as well.  So don't go getting too excited, yet.


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  1. Football stadiums are so much better. Did you not see some of the cameras from Fenway? I felt bad for the people up on the Green monster, you couldn’t see anything. Granted for historical sake it is awesome. But as a fan I would love to see what is going on. I’m glad they made the change.

  2. My brother has been saying this one for a while, they need to do a Flyers-Penguins Game at Beaver Stadium, the Stadium easily could fit both teams home fan allotments and possibly double it. The only issue with this, would be how willing Penn State would be to letting the NHL use it.

  3. Joe Pa doesn’t let them use Beaver Stadium for anything other then home PSU football games. They wanted Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia in Beaver Stadium as the winter classic before and PSU turned it down.

  4. I would have liked to have seen Flyers v. Penguins more than the Penguins v. Capitals. But the Flyers have had their winter classic lets move on to other teams. I don’t agree Rangers v. Kings that sounds terrible. Let’s see Rangers v. Devils at Lambeau Field.

  5. As someone who covers PSU football I can yell you that PSU would love to host an event like this, especially now that they are going D1 in ice hockey in the next few years. Anyone who thinks Joe Paterno has veto power for this is nuts. Not the case at all. If anything, Paternity would be more likely to welcome the event as it would put the school on the center stage of the sports world, something he would highly encourage.

  6. PSU and the NHL would loved to have a game at beaver stadium where 110k fans can experience hockey, however this will never happen. The NHL is very concerned about their image as they are trying to grow their brand and they would expect too many problems between Flyers and Pens fans (fights, etc.). Also the NHL would lose a cosiderable amount in concession dollars as Beaver stadium is strictly an NCAA venue which cannot serve alcohol at any event. Those are the two main reasons the 2010 winter classic was shot down from being held at Beaver Stadium with the Flyers and Pens.

  7. Spread the game among the league. There’s no need for the Flyers to play in another one so soon. Having the penguins in one again this year was annoying. There are soooo many other teams that would love to play in it. People are going to watch the game regardless and go to the game because it is the Winter Classic. Let someone else have a chance!

  8. The Rangers are due to be in one. I say Flyers vs. Rangers @ the Linc or the Bank would rock!

  9. Ok, I now have to wonder. Why is it that the Winter Classic is held ONLY in the United States? Why can’t they hold it in Canada? That would be a perfect US Vs Canada type game. It would gather ratings on both sides of the border. This is coming from a point of view where one of the past times up there in Canada is Ice Hockey.
    Not that I don’t think that The Winter Classic here in Philly would be a great idea. I think it would really be excellent, however, one thing to keep in mind about that: We have a parade that goes on every January 1st, and that could spell absolute TROUBLE for traffic concerns, since Broad is usually blocked off from one end to another. (Usually about Broad and Snyder to Broad and JFK.)

  10. @ SKnight, Imagine that TROUBLE for traffic in Philly! Have you ever driven the Schuylkill Expressway or 95?! ROTFL!!!!

  11. This game needs to be Minnesota. Like other comments said, let other play in it. TCF Bank stadium would be a great venue. The Wild vs. You choose it… I could see it against the Blackhawks.

  12. Why would the game be played in Colorado, Minnesota or Philly, when the WASHINGTON Capitals are the host team next year?! Makes no sense for two teams to play in a city that isn’t home to them–as the Rangers/Devils in Green Bay was suggested.

  13. the winter classic should be in san francisco. you’ll be suprised how cold it gets here. it was about 15 degrees cooler here than in pittsburgh on january first.

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