It could happen, folks.

Pierre LeBrun of and CBC says that Lincoln Financial Field may be the leading candidate to hold next year's NHL Winter Classic: [CBC]

Even though major network executives could decide the future of New Year's Day extravaganza, several U.S. cities have already told the NHL they want to host the next Winter Classic.

Contributor Pierre LeBrun said Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia — home of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles — is the front-runner. Colorado and Minnesota are other interested cities.

"The NHL prefers the NFL stadium model compared to the baseball stadium," LeBrun said.

Colorado and Minnesota, they ain't cities.  We kid.

This is a long way from "ZOMG the game is coming here get your tickets now can I get them at Crossing Broad Tickets yes you can," but it's something.

It's interesting that the NHL prefers the NFL stadium model compared baseball stadiums.  Even though they could sell more tickets and sight lines are better at football stadiums, something about hosting a hockey game in a baseball stadium is more appealing, where the venue is so much more apart of the draw than it is at football games.  Puck Daddy uses Google trends to somewhat debunk that thought, but I'm not sold on casual fans not preferring a baseball stadium.

The most talked about matchup is Flyers vs. Rangers, but that's just speculation at this point (simply because, along with the Flyers, the Bruins, Penguins, and Capitals have already been used).  I would argue that the Canadiens would make more sense, since the future of the Heritage Classic may be in doubt.  Not to mention the budding rivalry between the two teams.

Of course, jokes about cancelling the game in the event of snow, can now commence.

In the video after the jump, Greg Whyshynski says that Washington, Baltimore, and Michigan are all possibilites as well.  So don't go getting too excited, yet.