Great article in the January issue of Philly Mag that chronicles Iverson's life in Turkey.  Best part? He's still hanging out at T.G.I. Friday's.  No, for realsies:

I kid him about going to Friday’s in Istanbul, though he doesn’t seem to see it as teasing:

“Man, listen,” he says. “I didn’t know that the Philly cheesesteak wrap was that good when I was in Philly. I tried them when I got out here and every day since then. Every day since then!”

Iverson is startling, both handsome and almost cherubic. His eyes, the irises and pupils very nearly the same color, are vast. He laughs easily. What was for a decade a hopeful wisp of a mustache on a boy is now several days’ growth in full Fu Manchu mode. I’m talking to somebody I don’t recognize: a 35-year-old man, calm and measured. And he really is willing to talk.

Great read.