Andy Reid Likes Prime Rib

For realsies.

Andy Reid met with reporters today for his usual day after press conference.  He said that he has not received a formal request from the Browns to speak to Marty Mornhinweg, and David Akers was excused from team meetings today, due to the previously mentioned "personal issue" he was dealing with.

And… when asked if he was getting anxioius to win a Super Bowl:

I like prime rib and I would love to win a Super Bowl.  So I'm hungry for both, if you know what I mean.


We don't really.  

Thanks, folks.  Be sure to tip your waitress.

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15 Responses

  1. Replace “prime rib” with “feet” and I think Rex Ryan said the same thing at his press conference today.

  2. That Mormon Fatty Arbuckle has his priorities all screwed up. No wonder his kids are a mess.
    Somebody needs to sit his fat ass down and show him Rocky and The Bad News Bears back to back. (I know it’s a long sitting, but he sits much longer for his meals.) Spoiler alert! Rocky loses. The Bears lose. But they keep their dignity. Just like David Akers kept his dignity. But not this fat mess of a Scotchman. There’s not one ounce of dignity there, from fat head to fat belly to gout-ridden toes.
    And somebody remind that fat heathen that there’s only one TRUE religion in the world, and it’s not Mormonism. It’s called Irish Catholicism!

  3. That comment by Reid does not make any sense. I can walk into a steakhouse and buy a Super Bowl. Is he alluding to spending a lot of money this off-season???
    For the record, I am not one of the Dan Snyder wannabes stomping around town blaming management for not showing desire to win by spending money. The Eagles front office is very savvy and good at what they do. They are managing to rebuild elements of the team on the fly which is very impressive. Yes, we don’t have a Super Bowl win, but winning a Super Bowl isn’t as easy as signing Julius Peppers for a year that was supposed to be rebuilding.
    To put it another way, the team won the division during a year that was clearly supposed to be a rebuilding year in which your franchise quarterback was jettisoned. When put that way, people should step back from the ledge and try to get some perspective.

  4. “I like prime rib and I would love to win a Super Bowl. So I’m hungry for both, if you know what I mean.”
    What a jackass. This is basically saying that he wants it, but isn’t upset if he doesn’t get it. Like, I’m in the mood for Prime Rib, but a burger will do just fine.
    Unacceptable big red. I want your job.

  5. NickFromGermantown- Obviously we overacheived and completely exceeded expectations this year, but let’s be real, yesterday was a very winnable game, and the next two would’ve been too, so you can’t get too upset with people getting angry. If we got blown out yesterday, I think there would be less backlash then having the sour taste of a close loss that was easily winnable still lingering today.

  6. @md10…the thing is that they did get blown out aside from the score. They were dominated in all facets of the game. And as usual they were outcoached.

  7. Oh I agree 100% Joe D, we had no business even being in that game, but they were, and they could’ve won the next two if they pulled it out.
    Absolutely outcoached on all fronts. I’m interested to see what this team will look like next year with some new personel on D, but if Reid continues to stubbornly abandon the run, and field unprepared teams, then we’re screwed till’ his tenure is over here in the Illadelph.

  8. Joe D says I am “an idiot” and brings nothing to the table to back himself up. Stop vein just a sore loser crybaby. I can’t speak for this Joe D guy, but I’m not going to let the Eagles’ success or lack thereof dictate my own personal life and success. I’m learning that this really is just a game ultimately and I need to ensure that I control the things that I am in control of. I can’t let things like sports, things I have no control of really, dictate my own success.
    Let’s be real here. The defense was a joke this year. Green Bay scored at-will when they wanted. Sure, this was a very winnable year given how weak the league was, but at the end of the day the Eagles paid for the shortcomings.

  9. @Nick
    I don’t think that getting tired of Reid’s shortcomings that happen year after year is unreasoanble. Year after year, he doesn’t upgrade the o-line and the secondary is suspect. Not to mention the fact that he refuses to run the ball time after time. Everytime we run the ball it seems that we are wildly successful, but he goes up against the 20th ranked defense against the run and only runs it 12 times. That’s why people get pissed at him.

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