Angel Pagan Continues to Be a Pathetic New York Met


In a pathetic attempt to pull a Jimmy Rollins with a "we're the team to beat" statement, Mets' outfielder Angel Pagan told the told the New York Daily News that his team can give the Phillies a fight in the NL East this season.

        "If we have health, we can give them a fight. Everyone is counting on Philadelphia, but they have to do it. I got my money on my team, bro. I love challenges and that's why I'm looking forward to it. I believe in surprises."


OK, Bro.

If by "fight" Pagan means "stay within 20 games of the Phillies," then yeah, sign me up. 

Thankfully, this is the time of year when even the Royals think they can compete for a division title.  The Mets, Nationals, and Jayson Werth can fight it out all season long… for a spot in the basement.


Cliff Lee.

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35 Responses

  1. Wow the way Werth and Pagan talk, we might be up for a real fight this season! Seriously, both teams are so improved that it almost cancels out the Cliff Lee effect. haha.
    stop it, fellas. stop it.

  2. Where’s Bud Selig all over the “I got my money on my team, bro” comment? Pete Rose got kicked out of baseball for this.

  3. The Cliff Lee line made me lose it! The mans name has become a phrase in this area! In stead of saying WORD or Tru Dat… we could just say Cliff Lee… “hey man you want a beer?” “sure(pops top) Cliff Lee”….. “hows them crab fries from C&P’s?” “Cliff Lee”

    four years ago this month.. not even the most delusional of phillies fans believed the words coming out of his mouth.
    the fact is that after the phillies let werth go, The Mets probably have a better lineup.. the only positions where i can say that the phillies are definitely better than the mets are second base (by a wide margin granted,) and catcher. pitching is definitely a question for The Mets, but it was a question for the phillies in 2007, yet they seemed to make it work. an injury to oswalt, lee, halladay, or hamels could devastate this team and they would suddenly become mortal.
    i’m not saying that The Mets are going to beat the phillies because they would need extraordinary luck and health for that to happen, but i am saying that it’s not as ludicrous as you make it seem especially if Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have healthy, productive seasons and the phillies run into a spell of bad luck that seems to be years overdue.

  5. Who is Angel Pagan? Does he play in the majors? Adam starting today I am using Cliff Lee as a response to questions haha.

  6. Wait, hold on a second. The Mets have a better lineup then the Phillies? …How the hell do you figure that? I’ll give you Reyes and David Wright. Every other player on the entire squad is a scrub! Beltran has one leg and hasn’t even played a full HALF of a season in like 3 years!
    Isn’t K-Rod in jail for sucker punching his own father in law? Hell even Frenchy got outta there! The Mets will be battling the Nationals for the basement, no question.

  7. bay- better than ibanez
    wright- better than polanco
    reyes- better than rollins and in a contract year
    beltran- better than brown/francisco
    ike davis- slightly less howard
    pagan- better than satan

  8. the only positions where i can say that the phillies are definitely better than the mets are second base (by a wide margin granted,) and catcher…
    What are you high? So you’re saying the Mets have a better first basemen then RYAN HOWARD, and a better outfield because we lost Werth?
    Are you Omar Manaya?

  9. ryan howard had a season that was slightly above the league average for a starter.. he is a defensive black hole and is coming off his worst season ever. Ike Davis on the other hand is 24 years old when the season starts and was one of the best defensive first basemen in the game last season as a rookie.
    ryan howard 2010 WAR- 2.8
    Ike Davis 2010 WAR- 2.5

  10. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. You’re really going to sit there and say Ike Davis is almost on Ryan Howard’s level, Angel Pagan is better then the perrenial Gold Glover in Victorino, and that a guy who can barely walk is better then a top 5 prospect and a decent roll player combined? Not to mention that Jason Bay and Raul are the same exact overpaid outfielder on opposite sides of the plate…I’m speechless.

  11. so .3 is that big of a difference in a year that the dude missed like 2 months? Right.
    Worst season ever with a buck twenty plus in the RBI column and he missed two months…
    lol funny stuff man, good luck this year

  12. sigh..
    Jason Bay is not 39 years old
    Angel Pagan 2010 WAR- 4.8 (2.6 dWAR)
    shane victorino 2010 WAR- 3.6 (1.2 dWAR)
    so not only was Pagan more valuable overall than satan last season, but he was also more valuable defensively.
    domonic brown is still a prospect because he has 70 career plate appearances.. in his 70 big league plate appearance his OPS+ was only 63, compared to Carlos Beltran’s 2010 OPS+ of 109.

  13. Be humble everyone, we have loads more talent, but I want it translated on the field, and with minimal time lost to injury…once they are complete then we can trash talk. I dont want us to brag…not yet at least..haha!

  14. Fact, let’s go through the whole team again, shall we?
    1st Base: Ryan Howard, hands down. Ike Davis is great defensively but isn’t such a big playmaker with the stick. And come on, I mean, really, Ryan ‘I think I’ll crush this one into the upper deck’ Howard.
    2nd Base: A yearly candidate for best 2nd baseman in baseball, and he wasn’t 100% at any point last year. Utley, easily.
    SS: Slight edge to Reyes, though he’s just as unreliable as Rollins.
    3rd: Wright over Polanco, no doubt. One of the best cornermen in baseball.
    Catcher:Chooch all day long. The man is nothing but clutch.
    Outfield: Brown Francisco over limpy gimpy, all day. Pagan is just as much as a loudmouth as the Hawaiian, but less of an athelete. And I still take Ibanez for his hot streaks over your old fogey.
    And lest we forget, Halladay>Santana; Lee>Dickey, Oswalt>Niese, and Hamels>Gabagool. Oh yeah, and our closer doesn’t snap out and punch his girlfriend’s father.
    Enjoy being in the basement of the NL East. I’m talking the deep, deep, deep basement.

  15. Speaking as a Phillie fan… the only one thats pathetic is you guys. Like what do you expect him to say? These are the Philly fans that make the rest of us look bad.

  16. “…Oh yeah, and our closer doesn’t snap out and punch his girlfriend’s father.”
    Made me laugh out loud for a solid 2 minutes…thank you for that!
    The Mets smell..

  17. Last time I checked its a free world to say what we will….we are the die hard fans that read year ’round about our teams and players. Shut up and let us joke!
    Ya big boner

  18. I cannot sit back and allow a Mets fan to compare Ike Davis to Ryan Howard, Howard has improved his defense by not being a fattie anymore and has shown more range, Howard can hit 50 and delivers 100 rbi a season. Davis has showed he can perfrom at a high level(so far), I may reconsider Ike Davis after 162 game season but i need him to play a whole season to see for myself but there is no way this should even be a discussion, my issue with Howard is his strikeouts, entirely too many. I cant say the Mets outfield is better because they are never healthy, sure we have lost some talent by losing Werth but he will be feeling his decision for the next 4 to 5 years. D Brown is unknown yet, He has the tools to be good, Victorino is solid, plays a great CF and well LF scares me….Kudos to Pagan, he had a breakout season, can he do it again?
    3rd base is close also, Wright def has more pop and drives in more but he fans a shitload and likes men, DW plays a solid defense as does Polly, Polly had a .986 fielding percentge as opposed to Wrights .956 in 2010 so at third id say a slight advantage offensively to the Muts and at SS its tough for me to make a comparison because both were not healthy so I leave that one to the pros and now pitching…Do I even go there?..Ok I will…If the Phillies staff stays healthy which those 4 are very durable even with Oswalts dead arm phases they will be horses and its a contract year for Hamels so he should be an even bigger beat this season, would have had a better record but was victimized by a vacationing lineup on occasion, If they stay healthy then id say most teams are FUBAR. All the Mets have is Johan and to be fair he is awesome but stuck in a shit rotation on a team that will battle for last in the East.Bottom line is this…Mets have shit the bed often and seem to implode every season and that Mets staff is not very good but its a wonderful game and Murphys Law can come into play at anytime…Oh and by the way….Is it time for ACES AND CATCHERS TO REPORT?

  19. fact,nice name because of the whole irony thing with your assumption that the sorry ass muts are better then the PHIGHTINS.You must be getting so seriously good hydro where ever you’re from.either that or you’re just the most ignorant baseball fan i’ve ever come acrossed.the mets blow and are going to continue to blow,they’re washed up bro.get a life you f-in idiot

  20. Damn, your hating hard dude. What is he suppose to say were not gonna compete this year? come on now, and if anyone from the mets can say this it should be angel pagan with the year he had last year, he is the only one who will back it up.

  21. Pretty sure whoever said the Mets have a better lineup is Joe Buck. I would also relax saying Wright is definitely better than Polanco. Polanco is the best 2 hitter in the league. I do give Wright a slight edge, but Polanco isn’t far behind.

  22. I remember those years where you knew your baseball team had no chance to make the playoffs. It makes a long season, reallllllly long. A 3rd place finish was the best you could hope for. It makes you appreciate this era of Phillies baseball much more.

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