We've long toyed around with the idea of launching our own forum, though, at this point, it seems rather a large undertaking and not something we have the capacity to manage on our own.

One that we've always been fans of, Philly Sports Central, stepped forward to help us. They have raucous discussion boards for all of the local teams and we're excited to partner up with them to give you a place, beyond the comments section, to discuss our posts and other goings on in Philly sports.

To jump the first "jump the shark" comment, there is no money exchanging hands- just a friendly agreement between CB and PSC (abbreviations!). They will utilize our feed to pull in links to our posts and create a new thread around each one. On our end, they will become the "official forum" of CB (if there's anything less pretentious, I'm all ears). Anytime you feel like talking Philly sports and rumors, just click that little "forum" link in the nav.

In the future, we would like to host our own forum, but that's a ways off and Philly Sports Central is the best there is.