Big Time College Hoops Today

The most recent ESPN/USA Today poll came out today and Villanova remains at #7. They will take on #8 Connecticut at 3:30 on ESPN.

So, if you're home from work today, tune into the Sixers for a half- just enough time to watch Iguodala shove Turner- then flip over to ESPN for some real basketball.


6 Responses

  1. Does Nova know you can take shots inside the 3 point line? It’s in the rule book, which i’m sure they’ve all memorized.

  2. ‘Nova will forever be a second class citizen in the best conference in the land. Jay Wrong has been at ‘Nova for years and still doesn’t understand you need big men to win, even Bilas commented Wrong never devolps big men. Group of pesky , jump shotting guards year in , year out. How many national titles does ‘Nova have in the last twenty plus years?
    The Big East is Uconn’s conference; most Nvaa titles, HOF coach, most BE tournet titles, most regular season titles, most players at the next level. There will pretenders like Pitt for a few years, Syracuse for a year or two, another season WVU might be okay, but it’s all about the Huskies and the big dog JIM CALHOUN. Today we saw why again.

  3. You’re an idiot. Today, UConn barely won be a last second luck shot at home! Get over yourself. We will not be hearing you say a word when UConn loses at Nova. Second class citizen??? Who went to the final four just 2 years ago??? Who’s constantly in the the Sweet 16, Elite 8, ect. under Wright. Oh, and I’m a Penn State fan – Do you want to compare Calhoun and Paterno??? I didn’t think so. Shut up.

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