BREAKING NEWS: Flyers Place Big Bear on Waivers

Michael_leighton_iceBear down!

The Flyers have placed Michael Leighton on waivers.  New Year's Wish- fulfilled.

It appears they have seen enough.  Even though BOB has struggled of late, the Flyers seem content going with him and Brian Boucher for the second half of the season.

If Leighton clears waivers, he will be able to go to the Phantoms, but he will then have to clear again (this time at half of his $1.55 million salary) before returning to the Flyers.  That is when he would be most likely to be claimed off waivers- because who the hell would spend full-price on a career backup with the a history of letting in soft goals and an inability to seal off the side of the net to go along with the lateral movement of a bear in water?

On Saturday, we detailed all of the reasons why he is awful.

Stevie Why has it covered from front to back, but not sideways.  If he had it covered from the side, Leighton would probably just let it in anyway.

And to any of the people out there who genuinely liked Leighton (with whom I disagree), the Flyers' chances of winning a Stanley Cup do not hang on Leights On.  That's crazy talk.  Even if BOB and Boucher get hurt, I'm sure there is a trash can on wheels out there that can cover as much space and move better laterally than Leighton.

Video after the jump of Patrick Kane slipping one between his legs to win the Stanley Cup.  Sorry, I had to.


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  1. It will take a lot more than a heart attack to kill that old bear. Old bear! He likes the honey.

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