Briere and Giroux Complete Impressive Showing at All-Star Game

When Claude Giroux scored 5 minutes and 41 seconds into Sunday afternoon’s NHL All-Star Game, Flyers teammate Danny Briere knew he had to answer back before going home.

He did that and more, scoring two goals to help Team Lidstrom beat Team Staal 11-10 at RBC Center and give Briere bragging rights for the weekend over his housemate. Both Flyers had nice games, as Giroux had his first All-Star Game goal and added an assist.

“I had to find a way to get back at him,” Briere said. “But overall it was fun to see. We both scored, the right team won the game, so everybody’s happy – maybe except him.”

Steve Whyno has the full story at Philly Sports Daily.


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