Briere Picked Before Hubby

Danny Briere was picked in the sixth round of last night's NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft, a few frames before his roomie, Claude Giroux.

Well you know what it does, bragging right at home, I have a friend sitting in the crowd. There's some bragging rights, the boys were discussing this situation earlier today.


It's like an episode of My Two Dad's.

Bonus clips: Jonathan Toews looking genuinely pissed off and the host making an unintended car accident joke with Briere.


5 Responses

  1. pretty sure the car joke was in regards to him giving the MVP car to his sister, not the accident over the summer.
    at least, i’d hope.

  2. Toews must have expected to get picked in the first 4 rounds because he had that look on his face until he got picked.

  3. That host was crazy. He was zinging guys left and right. Calling guys old, etc. I swear he even called some player pathetic… I think it was Patrick Sharp.
    In related news… awesome quote: “At some point we even thought that we might be the last two guys picked,” Briere said. “Because nobody usually likes the Flyers. We thought they might leave us all the way back to the last two picks.”
    He’s really starting to understand the plight of the Philadelphia fan! Kid’s starting to really hit his stride here.

  4. love the fact that he stated that the two Flyers players would be picked last. He’s really got the “Us against the NHL” mentality and I love it!!!!
    Also in the clip you can hear somebody yell “Let’s Go Flyers”….PPRICELESS!!!!

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