Can We Get off the Jeff Fisher Boat Now?

We have this really annoying habit in Philadelphia of grabbing names we know and throwing them into our vacant (or sometimes even not-so-vacant) positions. Please stop.

Jeff Fisher, our new defensive coordinator, spoke with reporters this afternoon: [Philly Sports Daily]

“I would say I’ve been coaching for 25 years and I think I’m tired and I think I need to rest. I haven’t thought about my future past this afternoon,” he said. “I am going to rest and we will see where it goes.”


Wait, a guy who was a head coach for 16 years isn't jumping at the chance to be a coordinator?  Shocking. I surely thought that he would have taken a pay cut to come save the Eagles and lead us to the promised land. Really, I'm shocked.

Here's another thing for all of you sports radio callers who so desperately wanted his services because you've seen him on TV a lot: Andy Reid has a better track record- significantly better. Fisher might have been  an upgrade at defensive coordinator, but he's not Bill Belichik. Of course, I know you like his mustache, fist pump, and every-man's beer gut. They are important traits in a football coach.


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  1. Also, in his 25 years coaching, Fisher spent exactly 4.5 of them as DC – 3 with the Eagles (1988-1990), 1 with the Rams (1991), and a half season as Buddy’s successor in Houston (1994), after Buddy took Arizona HC job. Then Houston got off to like a 1-7 start that year, fired Jack Pardee, and promoted Fisher to interim head coach. And he’s had that job ever since.
    He did a good job here with the Eagles, but with the talent they had 1988-1990, if anything, that defense probably underachieved. They had their best season in 1991 with Bud Carson as DC.
    He’ll be a head coach or he’ll go into broadcasting, but I don’t see him going back to DC at this point.

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