Caption This!

At the end of the second period, Richie and JVR got a little personal.


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  1. I would say either, “Who’s dick to I have to suck for us to get a few more goals around here?” or “Suddenly, dick. Right in the face.”

  2. this was the hit of the game last night at the arena…how bad does your team have to be in order for the hit of the game to be 2 guys from the opposing team who run into each other

  3. “Ritchie, can this wait? Yeah you lost the bet, but could you suck my balls at a BETTER time?”

  4. “Ritchie, dude, ‘Blades of Glory’ wasn’t real and I don’t look like fuckin’ Jon Heder.”

  5. Richie, your lucky your wearing a visor, you should have seen what happened to Craig Mactavish when he was in your position!

  6. I bet I can guess what you ate for dinner last night by sniffing your crotch……. oh yeah I bet you can’t…. ok let’s try im thinking crosbys mom…. dank how’d you guess……

  7. if you add the numbers on their jerseys together, that’s how much one of those would cost.

  8. “Hey Richards, did you hear about that collision? You know, the one between my balls and your chin.”

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