CB Podcast #3: Eagles, Flyers All-Star, Lenny, Bimbo, and Andy Reid

Ran a little long (1:25, gah!) with this week's podcast.  Around the :58 minute mark, we bring in Patrick Kelly, who wrote this piece on Andy Reid and Bill Cowher.

In there somewhere is official announcement of our Phillies tailgate on April 2nd with Philly Phaithful. We'll be giving away tickets at some point soon.


4 Responses

  1. because i have no life i actually sat here and listened to the whole thing. haha just so you know i don’t regret it. very funny!

  2. Pretty good and you worked the self promotion in flawlessly! I plan to use crossing broad tix later for Phils tickets. Aer you planning on making it a regular feature?

  3. yes, should be doing one at least once a week, maybe more.
    special phils related guest next week.

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