Oh we're just getting flat out consistent with this thing now- three weeks in a row.

This week, Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence (Delco Times) joins us to talk Phillies and life as a baseball writer. We get his thoughts on right field, the "aging" lineup, social media, blogs, his favorite player to cover, and what it's like for a local boy to cover the Phillies.

Really good discussion to help you forget about the layer of ice that is currently sitting outside.

That interview lasts for about 35 minutes, then it's Matt and I for the second half, talking Lavs, Iguodala (pre-his god awful foul last night), Villanova, and somehow we worked in Lou Williams' rap and Matisyahu.

After listening back to this, it's clear I was going after Shane Victorino's record for ya knows per minute. I should, ya know, work on that.

Alternate link after the jump that may work better on phones, iPods etc.


Thanks again to Ryan for joining. If you're a Phillies fan and not following, you need to do so right now. You can read his stuff at the Delco Times website, his blog, or on Twitter (@ryanlawrence21).