CB Tickets Now Has Villanova Tickets

In an effort to be your one stop shop for all Philly sports tickets, we now have tickets for Villanova games at The Well.

Nova still has four games left to play in South Philly, beginning tomorrow against Georgetown. Tickets have gone up 46% this week, but there are still some good deals out there. 200's Center is the cheapest tiqzone, with 44 tickets available for an avg of $52 a seat. The cheapest seat in the zone (and the game) is $42.

Trust me, it's more exciting than the Sixers.

Get 'em here.


8 Responses

  1. Ew, who the fuck would ever want to go on that campus. It’s a bunch o faggot ass whities running around doing faggot shit. No thank you, I’ll just go to a Temple game

  2. Funny, Temple has more white guys on their team than nova does. Enjoy watching the second best team in philly.

  3. I’m taking about the campus, faggot. Meet me out there I’ll fuck you up and rape whatever pig you bring out there you faggot suburban trash

  4. Sorry Scott but I can’t wait to see the graph of ticket prices dropping south as nova pulls off another second half of the season choke. Gooo Mountaineers!, I know I know the Eers arent doing anything but we werent supposed to.

  5. Wow, James. You almost deserve to be shot and killed with such language and opinions. But wait, you can stay around Temple’s campus, and that might actually happen. Your unprovoked hatred is seriously unbelievable. Something tells me you’re not quite as tough as you portray yourself to be…

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