YO, Danny Briere.

This is absolutely the most awkward athlete marketing video I have ever seen.

Earlier today, Broad Street Hockey posted an article about the latest initiative from the Greater Philadephia Tourism Marketing Corporation (who do a great job by the way, despite their long name), questioning their campaign that appeared to be geared towards Toronto fans. Our boy Stevie Why reached out to the GPTMC (HIJKLMNOP) to ask if that was the case- it wasn't.  LOTSOFLETTERS! says the Flyers are using their databases to find fans in Ontario. I bet.

Ohhh I get it, he's speaking slowly because they're from Canada. Now it makes sense. Good thing the contest includes a free flight- you remember what happened when they brought their cars (since it's so close and all…).

Yo is how Philadephians say hello.

He follows that up with "hi!" So which is it, Danny?