Doc Gave All Phillies Mini Camp Pitchers His Mind F@$k Book

Abcs_pitchingNot that kind of performance enhancement, jerks.

So they can safely enter Beast Mode too.

Of course, this Tweet from Phillies prospect Michal Schwimer couldn't have come through, oh, say, an hour ago, when we wrote about Doc rolling up to the Carpenter Complex in his beemer. It is The Mental ABC's of Pitching (in case you can't read, which… nevermind), or as I like to call it, Doc's mind-fuck book.

As we told you back in October, it was written by Harvey Dorfman, a guy Doc consults frequently during the season and whose book is spread throughout the Phillies clubhouse. In fact, many pitchers, including Greg Maddux, used Dorfman's tactics.

Looks like Roy is just passing along some knowledge to his Padawan learners.


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