Doug Collins is in a Glass Case of Emotion

Poor Doug. Coaching a young, moderately talented team will take its toll on you.

If there's one reason to watch Sixers basketball, it's to hate Andre Iguodala. If there's another, it's to see Collins living and dying with every play. His post game press conferences are so full of win. Last night, after the Bucks almost hit a game-winning shot in the final second (which would fit right in with how this season has gone), Collins appeared as though he had just survived three rounds with Manny Pacquiao and then been doused Gatorade.

That, or he's completely losing it.

Important video after the jump.  

Someone punted him?


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7 Responses

  1. That first screen cap is straight out of “Full Metal Jacket”. “I aaaaaaam in a wooorrrrrrrld…….of SHIT”

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