ENOUGH with the Eagles Bloviations!

For real, folks.

You can't turn on the radio, open the newspaper (that thing on chalky stock that leaves marks all over your hands and is generally about 7-24 hours behind on news), or read certain local websites without hearing and seeing nothing but Eagles bloviations that no one cares about.

We are obsessed in this town with hating Andy Reid. Why? Do I love him? No. Does he have chubby hips, an awkward black onesie that he wears during cold weather games, a lack of urgency at the end of halves, a stubbornness to throw more than he should, and a two-inch vertical leap? Yes, yes he does. Is he an evil man, who is set out to destroy all mankind and eat the babies of local sportswriters, fans, and season ticket holders? No, no he's not.

Somehow, we turned a season in which the Eagles overachieved, into another Reid witch-hunt. For the last two weeks, you can't escape the endless and pointless discussions about who is at fault, why we will never win with Reid, what this team needs to do in the draft etc., etc., et-f'n-cetera. Newsflash: It's not your father's town. It's not 1960, 1978, 1980, or 2002. Rocky is not cool with the young demographic, Bill Bergey is not a celebrity, and Jim Gardner is not our main source of news. Shit changes, and so does the sports landscape in this city.

It is no longer cool to pontificate about Andy Reid's motives, Joe Banner's shoe size, or the running game (wait, we don't have one? Shit, I hadn't heard). Most fans don't want to re-live the painful ending to the Eagles' season. We don't care about why you think Sean McDermott was fired (he was a shitty defensive coordinator who left gaping holes in coverage and had no clue when to blitz), or if Reid is afraid of getting a proven replacement (I'm looking at you, Dan Schwartzman- RIGHT?). Let us know when they hire a guy- we'll discuss and then move on.

I said yesterday this was a "baseball town." Perhaps that was going too far, but right now, it's certainly a "Phillies town." Despite what those who rose up through the media ranks during Reid's tenure may think, 24/7/365 Eagles discussion is no longer interesting to every sports fan in the city. The Flyers are the best team in hockey. The Phillies have four fucking aces- FOUR! Cliff Lee. Jesus Christ.

Why are we still talking about the Eagles?! Not the baseball team, we're not talking about the baseball team, we're talking about football. Not the best baseball team our city has ever seen. Football.

Stop it!

Many of the folks I'm talking about are people I like. I enjoy most of their work, find them usually entertaining, and almost always informative. But there comes a time when you need to take a look at what your audience wants. I get the ratings thing. Believe me, I do. I run a blog for a living, if people don't read, I don't have a job- it's that simple. Why do you think there is next to nothing on here about the Sixers? Because NOBODY READS IT. Unless something crazy ridiculous happens- like our star shoving his apprentice on the court- you probably won't see many Sixers posts on here.

So I get it. I get why, when called out by Lavs for not talking about the best club hockey team on the planet, Mike Missanelli said the Eagles move the needle. At the end of the day, there are still a whole bunch of folks caught up in the world of Rocky, who believe Wilbert Montgomery's run was the single greatest thing that ever happened on earth and that Andy Reid is somehow out to get them in some sort of Matrix-like scheme. They move the needle for sports talk radio. They call-in while eating Wawa hoagies in their trucks. And, at the end of the day, that pays the bills for local media outlets. But I do find it very hard to believe that people would tune out if we started talking about the Flyers' prospects of winning a Stanley Cup or the Phillies' right field situation. It just takes the balls to be different.

Consider this other world that is out there, filled with 20 and 30 somethings who don't give a shit about the old school, live and die with everything the Eagles do mentality. They like sports- all of them. They root for the Phillies and Flyers just as hard they do the Eagles. They want the page turned. They (we) (I) are sick and tired of the endless football bloviations. They'd expect to read and talk about the fighting Flyers today, rather than what Andy Reid is doing on his vacation.

Perhaps I'm naive. Perhaps I'm coming at this from my own world view, one that spends about 12 hours a day chronicling local sports new and interacting with the fans of this city- albeit the more tech savvy, younger, average, rational ones who aren't plugged in to the Eagles Machine (they took the red pill). But I would fully expect that needle to keep moving if we talked Phillies and Flyers.

Give it a try, please. I have a feeling these people would like it.


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  1. I wish there was a “make sweet, sweet love to your words” button because this has been my feeling for the past three years.

  2. Well well well well said. so much positive in philly to talk about yet the negative topics are always talked about more. Neg-adelphia!

  3. Good post. I just think we’re more of an Eagles town and always will be. Regular season Eagles games get more ratings than any 3 Phillies regular season games combined. I think it’s more about issues…issues generate controversy, conversation, and interest.
    The Phillies don’t really have any issues. And with a lights out staff and less scary lineup, they will probably be playing a lot of relatively lower scoring, dare I say boring 3-1 kind of games. Boringly effective is good in baseball. That’s the kind of team that usually wins titles. It just doesn’t generate enough passion in day to day talk. Biggest issue for discussion on Phils team now is who regularly bats 5th and what righthanded OF bat are they going to add? The next time you’ll get a lot of Phillies interest is the first losing streak they have where Utley and Howard stop hitting, just like last year.
    Eagles are 1. Phillies are 2. Flyers/Sixers are always a distant 3, depending upon who is better. That will never change.

  4. I’ve completely tuned out WIP b/c of this. Enough already. It’s their choice to program whatever they want and it’s my choice not to listen. I’d rather listen to a national show like Mike & Mike if I want to hear about football since the teams still playing are MORE RELEVANT than the Eagles right now. And that abomination known as Wing Bowl can’t go away fast enough for me.

  5. The pendulum swings in sports as in politics. Growing up with Connie Mack Stadium and the Whiz Kids, baseball was king. The Eagles didn’t even have their own stadium, playing in Penn’s Franklin Field. Then in 1960 the Eagles won a championship, soon after we got The Vet, and football reigned. Now, with this incredible Phillies team (I wanna say dynasty), baseball is climbing back on top. Be patient. Just as soon as we get over the afterglow of Michael Vick bringing us a Super Bowl win next year, this town will be red again.

  6. There is more to life than just the Phillies. It was a magical season by the Eagles who gave us high hopes, ending the same way the Phillies did last season when favored. Don’t be ‘smug’ 😉

  7. I agree with your overall tone, but I disagree with one thing. This still isn’t a baseball town. Sure, it might be more popular (just flat out easier) to root for the Phillies and curse the Eagles right now, but ultimately, football will always prevail. If the Phillies stunk, and all the johnny-come-lately female Phillies fans disappeared, we’d be talking about the Eagles even more. I have always loved football more than baseball, and no matter how great the Phillies are, and how bad the Eagles are (which they aren’t), I’d still rather talk Eagles. Most of the fan base (the REAL fan base, not the bandwagon Phillies fans (Rollins was correct)) prefers to talk Eagles.

  8. Amen, brother.
    I love the Eagles, don’t get me wrong… but my God, are they the only team in the city?

  9. The Flyers are the best team in hockey and the mid-day show are telling Buddy Ryan stories.

  10. Great post Kyle! Couldn’t have said it better. The Flyers are exciting to watch and are the only title hope until October when the 4 aces take over. And who knows if there even will be an NFL season.

  11. Couldn’t agree more, Kyle.
    Philly has been a Phillies town since at least 2007 when they finally broke through and won the NL East, courtesy of that fantastic Mets meltdown. When a hated rival chokes, and your team is the sole benefactor of that collapse, it only adds fuel to the fire.
    Then, of course, there was 2008. I think most Philly sports fans still feel a sense of gratitude toward the Phillies for giving them a championship, and that feeling will probably last for awhile. It also helps that the majority of that WFC team is still intact today. We love those guys, cause they love us as fans. They play for the love of the game and you can see it on their faces and in their team chemistry.
    We all know the Phillies will contend for quite a few years, and it helps knowing you’re rooting for a perennial winner, not just a one year wonder.
    The Flyers are awesome, and I’m a huge fan, as are a lot of my friends. But the majority of people don’t truly start caring until the postseason.
    And as you’ve already pointed out, the Sixers aren’t even worth wasting time on.
    Who knows, in 10 years the city’s heart might shift back to the Eagles, but for now, the Phillies are – for lack of a less gay term – the darlings of Philadelphia.
    I hate to admit it, but I had to look up the definition of bloviations. I think with the use of that word alone, CB has officially crossed into the “sophisticated reading” category.

  12. Football is king all around the country and I think that is pushing it. That being said I am tired beyond my ability to express it of hearing about football. We have four aces and have the best record in the league(not to mention a lot of that was WITHOUT Pronger). Between baseball and the NHL postseason Philly has a lot of reason to be happy for the future. If the Eagles continue to be mediocre the Phillies will take over the city of they haven’t already. Mostly because the Phillies are never happy if the lose the series. Unlike the Eagles who seem to always be content on the status quo the Phils always look to improve and upgrade.

  13. No homo Kyle but I really love you for this rant. I wore my Dan Carcillo name/number t-shirt today in honor of the last night’s funsies and someone had the nerve to ask me if hockey season had started yet cause they were still 3 weeks later pissed off at the Eagles. I turn on WIP this morning on my commute to work and they had Keith Jones sitting in today and in my 30 min drive to work, I only heard one Flyers call.
    And don’t get me started on the lack of love the Phillies get all year with the exception of the postseason. It really pisses me off that the media outside the blogosphere are addicted to the green koolaid and don’t give too hoots about the other 2…err 3 sports teams in town.

  14. I generally find WIP boring unless something major goes down. So I don’t care what they are going on and on about. I’m only a Phillies fan. But since I’m a woman, I can only be a “johnny-come-lately” fan and should “disappear”. Excuse me while I go jump off a bridge now. The big bad boys don’t like me hanging around b/c I don’t have a johnson.

  15. This is why – The Phanatic > WIP.
    I will donate to a fund to buy a SuperBowl just so I can stop hearing about the fucking Eagles. Don’t tell me that such a fund does not exist because Dallas has like 5 of those rings.

  16. @Jesus the Phanatic is worse than WIP. Anyone that is still willing to employ Mike Missenelli loses credibility in my book and the rest of their host clueless. At least WIP is actually entertaining (Eagles whining aside).

  17. Yeah man! And these other Philly media types should eat some humble pie and learn a lesson or two from you.
    and if it isn’t , it should be a Baseball town…and how can any serious city fan not be excited about the flyers after last years playoff run and the way this team has been playing! Keep doing what you do.

  18. Well -said. The Flyers are great, and they have been doing nothing but win, and a little fighting to add to the flare. But the NHL did them in 7 years ago, that lockout back in ’04 hurt the NHL big time, and the league is slowly crawling back to relevance. From what I understand, ESPN is in negotiations to get the NHL back, and we all know that ESPN makes the sports-world go round. The NHL gets back on ESPN and the Flyers make a bigger dent in the sports’ environment here.
    Aside form that, I’m slightly interested in who will be DC here for the Birds, but until there is news, for christ’s sake, cover what’s happening RIGHT NOW! The Birds are done, the Phillies are doing nothing, the Sixers are at the infancy stage of competition, and the Flyers are KILLING it.
    Let me know when the Eagles sign Asomuagh (sp?), until then cover a team that GETS SHIT DONE.

  19. Philly has always been a baseball town, waiting for a good baseball team. We have one now, and for the foreseeable future. The Eagles have been a nice backup while we were waiting for the Phils. Sorry guys, but right now, fewer and fewer people care about the Eagles. Like everything else, though, that pendulum will swing back toward the Eagles, eventually.
    Oh, and WIP represents everything that is wrong with sports in Philadelphia. They are “the nexus of negativity”© in this city.
    That is all. Cliff Lee.

  20. give it up with all the single “Cliff Lee” after talking about our pitchers. Start saying “Roy Halladay” for Christ’s sake.

  21. The Eagles front office are a bunch of simple minded ninnies that handcuff that team’s ability to win and be likable at the same time. They strategically line themselves up against other teams in the city to try and steal their thunder. Classic example: the McNabb trade 18 hours before Opening Day. Do you know how much it pained Jeffrey Lurie when Dave Montgomery called him and asked if he could rent out the Linc to celebrate their WS Championship? Can you imagine if that call goes through again this year? This gold standard business has got to go. And it’s amusing that a Philadelphia team’s success in another sport is what drives them, not coming up short again. And again. And again. And again. And again. They are being outclassed organizationally by the Phillies who are printing money and are stretching their window as the city’s darlings that the Eagles squandered in the early part of last decade by skimping on funds and trying to extend every last dollar.

  22. Baseball town hahahahahaha. Where was this great baseball town in 1997? Phillies fans = frontrunners. Your short stop said it himself.

  23. Philly is a football town. Get over it. You can’t say it is a Phillies town since ’07 because the Phillies have been winning, that would make us….. “Front runners” – JROLL

  24. @ Eric
    Listening to WIP is like fucking your mother, you do it because your father did it.
    The only thing that Eskin should be allowed to comment on is his fur coat collection.

  25. I agree, but the primary focus right now should be the Flyers. Not only are they the ones IN season, but they are also almost at the same caliber of the Phillies, that being that we are THE BEST. This is a season unlike any Flyers season before, and its getting brushed under the rug like it’s nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m PUMPED as all hell for the Phills, but come on, its Flyers time right now!!!

  26. I’ve been saying the same thing for the past few years now… People need to see that there’s more in this town then just the Eagles.

  27. Don’t get me wrong, I love Anthony Gabagool Gargano and Glen Macnow, but 610 has lost a lot of respect in my book (which, I know, doesn’t mean much to anyone else). I turn on 610 today to hear about the awesome Flyers game last night, which featured 8 goals total, the return of Prongs, and enough hockey fights in the 3rd period alone to keep me satisfied for a while. Or even to hear about Spring Training being around the corner, and predictions for the 5th starter, the 5 hitter, and right field. What do I get? Macnow kvetching about the Eagles defense and the great defenses throughout history. For the love of pete, we have 4 aces. 4! And we still have Howard and Utley.
    In summary, great post. I give it 4 Cliff Lee’s.

  28. couldn’t agree more…people need to get over the eagles…whoever really thought the ealges were going to win the superbowl were either too drunk to comprehend or just dumb…failure was inevitable for the eagles( especially with that bum of a coach)…but flyers and phillies are primed to win, NOW! but its more the media talking about the eagles than anything, i hate the whole united states is a football country..i mean get the hell outta here, half of us yeah we like football but not even close to as much as we like phillies or flyers

  29. I also think Eagles “passion” will die down a little after they win a SB. That’s been this town’s great white whale for a long time. Similar dymamic with Eagles in this city as there was with Red Sox in Boston until they broke the curse.
    I find myself falling in the trap with the Eagles of not being able to just enjoy the entertainment of the game, without always thinking “can this team win a SB? if not, who cares?” Once they get that monkey off their back, I think the intensity level will go down.

  30. Cole Hamels is a World Series MVP, Roy Halladay is a two time Cy Young winner and the BEST PITCHER IN BASEBALL, I get the Cliff Lee love, but why not give them some random name drops?
    Cole Hamels.

  31. Agree wholeheartedly. I’ve always been a way bigger baseball and hockey fan than football anyyway.

  32. Great post, Kyle! Eric and Joe have it right, too. The Flyers have two very strong games this week and lead the NHL in points and all I hear on Mike Missanelli’s show is Eagles talk. I’d like to think I just wasn’t tuned in at the right time but that’s probably wishful thinking. At least WIP had Seth Everett (baseball) on this morning – i mean it wasn’t Eagles and they were looking ahead to the Phils, but still it’s disappointing when the Flyers are so good right now and you know that both Jonesy & Al Morganti would love to talk Flyers and they each would have a lot to say. I don’t expect to hear any significant Flyers commentary or discussion on either WIP or 95.7 until late March-early April and that’s a shame. The Phillies and Flyers have an incredibly faithful and devoted fan-base. The local sports media seem oblivious to that reality and that turns
    me off to their shows.

  33. We have TWO (2) pro sports teams in Philly that will do whatever it takes to win a World Championship: Phillies & Flyers And that’s it.
    The Eagles ALWAYS find some way to cheap out of some things that would make the difference.

  34. Flyers are great? When was the last time they won a Cup? Funny how you frauds in Philly are so quick to kill the Eagles for not winning yet your precious Flyers have failed just as much if not more since they apparently spend all this money year in and year out.

  35. I completely agree with you on this. The Flyers are the best team in the Eastern Conference and no one talks about them at all. The bottomline is for 7 months of the year this is the Phillies’s city. I hate when people are more Eagle’s fans than Phillies’s fans, and refuse to admit that Philly will ever be a baseball town. They say things like, “DUUUUDE, footballs just better,” and “How could baseball be better than football.” but the fact of the matter is that I think more people care hearing about 4 aces and a small problem in rightfield than hearing the whining of the Eagles fans who call the radio to say Andy Reid is the devil.

  36. It’s not a baseball town. Just look at all of the Eagles coverage. Yes, the city loves baseball, but football is king. And the people who say otherwise are usually the ones who want to make every Eagles game a national holiday.

  37. Well said, Kyle. My feelings exactly. There are two other teams (Phillies, Flyers) that actually do great things in the post-season with personalities that are engaging, forthright and seem to “get” Philadelphia. News flash: there is more to life than football. I’m 54, and I’m sick of the Eagle-centric tone of Philly sports media. Lets start moving the needle toward the other teams in the city.

  38. I agree with this article 100%. The philly media likes to forget that we have winter teams. If the guys running the shows aren’t interested in hockey or basketball then get some guys on there that are.
    The Flyers are the best team in the NHL and the Sixers are young and slowly growing. There’s only so many ways/times you can talk about if Mike Vick will be here next year. We all know he will, now move on.
    Keep up the good work CB. Cliff Lee.
    P.S. Cliff Lee is signing at the Radisson in Valley Forge tomorrow

  39. Iggy is the reason this young Sixers team isnt as good as they can be. This guy plays 48 min and only can give us 13-20,Sweet Lou comes off the BENCH and gives us 16-25. #9 MUST GO let him get his USA praise somewhere else cause he damn sure aint doing a thing for the Sixers. Who gives a damn about dunks and highlights if youre not winning.This TEAM plays much better when he is not on the floor. AND WHY THE HELL AREN’T WE IN THE THICK OF ALL THE “MELO” TALK?!!! BRAND,THAD,MELO,LOU,& JRUE will be instant contenders. FRONT OFFICE the Sixers have been in every game EXCEPT 11,No way this team is as bad as its record. Trade #9 and another player or draft to Denver and get #15.Stop letting that NY GARBAGE TALK scare you!!!!!

  40. Couldn’t agree more with your rant. I’m old school and used to enjoy WIP. No more. Way too much iggles talk. Don’t run the ball. Time management etc. It’s played out. If Phils played once a week imagine the ratings. They would need a stadium to seat 250,000 people. Phils and Flyers management listen to their fans and respect them. Eagles execs. show an almost distain for their fan base. They always praise themselves and stay way under the cap (cheap and cheating their fans). Wake up Philly and see the red and orange roses.

  41. Who the hell are the Eagles?
    From a (almost) too old to be in your 20-30s demographic, who was a female Phillies fan “come-lately” back when some of you guys where still in Phillies onesies and I was yelling curses in the Vet.

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