Eric Bruntlett and Jimy Williams are Still Milking Their 2008 Success

In further proving that if you win a championship in Philadephia, you have a permanent home and place to pimp your products, services, goods, autographs, car wash, cars, etc. (see '74-'75 Flyers), Eric Bruntlett and Jimmy Williams will be at Carl's Cards in Havertown later this month.

Welcome back, man who scored the winning run in two World Series games.

Hugs to Sweeney for sending


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  1. Psssst… you spelled both of their names wrong.
    You forgot the first ‘t’ in BrunTlett and Jimy only spells his name with one ‘m’.

  2. Bruntlett is one of the top 25 greatest players in the history of Phillies baseball in 2008, it’s only fitting that he gets honored in this way. Happy for him.

  3. The people driving down the road thought I was nuts for taking a picture at 730 in the morning of banner with Eric Bruntlett on it. Well it was either that or they were wondering who Jimy Williams is….

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