The Freddie Mitchell re-irrelevance tour continued today. FredEX was on 610 with Howard Eskin to discuss… wait for it… 4th and 26.

Not much new from what Timmy Mac brought us earlier in the week on Philly Sports Daily, but there was this:

Philly is breast fed on Eagles football.  


Taste that milky goodness.

Then he took aim at his haters (not Favre directly):

You got these guys showing their penis and stuff on text message when they're married.  That's like pot calling the kettle black.


And further proved his media whoredom:

Any time you call me, I'm on, I'm fully committed to 610. Any time you need an athlete that can put a sentence together.


Nothing better to do since substitute teaching didn't work out, I guess.  

He will be on Millionaire Matchmaker on on Tuesday.  That should be fun.