Timmy Mac over at Philly Sports Daily has the story.  So full of win.

First of all Donovan’s pass was behind me and it was wobbly, but I had to take advantage of the opportunity that was presented to me. Right when I caught the pill, I kind of knew I had the yardage right away. I looked at the sticks and to see where I was at and I knew I got it. I felt like Michael Jordan hitting a last-second shot or Tiger Woods sinking a 50-foot putt.

Then I had to pull out the belt…

That was for the crowd. Not a single person left that stadium when we were down, and I had to do something for them. Hugh Douglas used to say, “That’s the People’s Champ. He does it every time for the fans.” I had to put the belt on for them. I was brought up like Brian Dawkins, with a love for Philly. When he heard the Eagles fans scream that was like church music to him. That’s how I was. I was doing it for love while Donovan was doing it to prove people wrong for booing him.


In a way, I kind of miss this man.  Read the rest and his not-so-thinly veiled criticism of McNabb at PSD.