From Russia with Love

Make that one of the cornier headlines we have ever written. But when your star Russian goaltender takes a five day jaunt to Canada to canoodle with his girlfriend from the motherland, we are left with very few options.

Bob's girlfriend still can't get a visa and, just like Christmas time, Bob will fly to Canada during the Flyers' break so he can meet up with Olga (would we have her named anything else?).

Dmitry Chesnokov of Puck Daddy (an Italian fellow, no doubt) Tweeted some highlights from this Russian story on Bob:

 "I finally bought myself a car. I drive with my Russian license. Don't know if I'm allowed to; haven't been pulled over yet. 

My girlfriend was refused a visa to the US again. They think she will stay here illegally. They tell her a single girl has no business being in the States. So during the ASG break I will fly to Toronto to spend 5 days with her. She has a Canadian visa. When the Flyers played in Vancouver we spent Christmas together."


And therein lies the key to Bob's bounce back from a tough December- the man just needed some lovin'. Bob gave up three or more goals five times in December. Presuming his girlfriend stayed with the team until the Flyers game in Vancouver on the 28th, he has given up more than three goals just once since their rendezvous (five on Dec. 31- no doubt saddened by the departure of Olga). In six appearances in January, he's given up two goals five times, and one goal once. The power of love, folks.

The full interview is in Russian, and while Google Tranlate (as per the usual) doesn't exactly knock it out of the park- Happy life has begun! Now there is a soup, and dumplings, and all that you desire. I ran home after a workout with all legs!– it does give us some more insight into Bob's transition to American life.

His parents arrived on January 4th and the car he spoke of was a Lexus, which seems to have been paid for up front:

Which car is purchased?

– Lexus. Always liked this car. Comfortable, with a large trunk – a trunk with a hockey climbs.Agent Paul Teofanos helped buy. Found the salon, said the prices.

– The loan taken, as is customary in the U.S.?

– Why? Once all paid.

Straight up cash, Homey. We think.

Oh yeah, he's given a certain period of time to obtain his American driver's license- still, I'd steer clear.

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  1. Well, hell if he just needs some lovin’ to play his best hockey, Carts needs to take him out for some ‘hospitality’ (as @fakejeffcarter would say!)

  2. Clearly, this is a conspiracy from Gary Bettman to keep the Flyers out of the playoffs. He might have “connections” with people in U.S. Customs and had them flag Bobs ladyfriend from entry to the United States, therefore preventing him from lovin’ and, consequently, keeping the puck out of the net.

  3. Wow this is pretty funny, my buddy’s girlfriend is a waitress at Chophouse restaurant in voorhees and she told him in the early part of the season Bobrovsky was bringing a blonde girl to dinner there, and she was definately American. She was positive it was him because his credit card read “Sergei Bobrovsky”. She said he ordered in english, had a heavy accent but the girl was definately American. Sounds like hes not as lonely as this article says he is!

  4. Kyle, what do you mean Google Translate doesn’t do a good job? I thought the translation made this article about 100X better lol. “… In the locker room burst into a noisy crowd of peasants who dragged a brave song. All were dressed in orange sweater «Shelley». It turns out this is their real name. 15 relatives Jody Shelley – a formidable tafgaya Philadelphia with 1,455 penalty minutes in his career. Following the recent fighting, his head was like an anti-hedgehog and drained blue.” And I don’t know about anyone else, but I was truly inspired by the story of how Bob persevered and succeeded despite not even getting drafted in the NBA lol. Also, GO PILOTS!!

  5. I call BS on David’s story. I think every cheating story in South Jersey (which doesn’t involve AC) starts with “I saw so-and-so with a blonde at Chophouse…”

  6. That picture makes it look like she is his mommy…putting her hand on his head and then kissing his forehead. He looks like a little boy compared to her, I wonder how much older she is than Bob…..

  7. He’s Liam McPoyle, and yes, I said that from the moment I saw his team photo for the opener against Pittsburgh.
    Is his gatorade bottle filled with milk?

  8. Well Tom, in all fairness, Sergei looks like a little boy sometimes to begin with. Especially when he smiles.

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