Is it Spring Yet?

As I was shoveling 15 inches of sopping wet snow this morning, two things became clear to me: I needed to defrost my fingers, and spring can’t come soon enough.

There are very few black holes on the sporting calendar. The days before and after the baseball All-Star Game are the only two days in which you are guaranteed to have no major professional sporting events (don’t give me soccer or tennis, I’m talking about sports people care about). Yet there is an undeniable lull between the day the Eagles bow out of the playoffs and, say, the start of March Madness.

Regular-season Flyers hockey, the Sixers, and college basketball are all fine, but I think you would be hard pressed to find many folks who wouldn’t happily fast forward to March 15.

And, as I struggled to break the layer of ice below those 15 inches of snow, that’s a date I couldn’t stop thinking about: March 15.

I have a nice little five-day trip to Spring Training planned for that week, and thoughts of sitting under the Tiki Bar watching Cliff Lee and his ironic chin long toss across the vast expanse of Kentucky Blue Grass were running through my head. It’s a sight many fans take in each March, one that symbolizes the unofficial start of spring, summer, warm weather – whatever you want to call it.

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11 Responses

  1. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Kyle has a bit of a man crush on the puck bunny loving, high and widing Canadian-boy-living-the-American-dream Jeff Carter.

  2. You need to get off both Cliff Lee’s & Jeff Carter’s dick man. There’s a fine line between mancrush & obsession & I think you crossed it a long time ago

  3. So sad. Too much cabin fever is turning all of you people up there James Niggly gay.
    It’s in 70’s and nothing but sunshine down here (though it’s still cold for the thin-blooded natives) with no hockey to watch for a week. What to do? What to do? Golfing, swimming, sailing, some horse riding? Maybe I’ll just go to the beach and do some thong bikini watching on The Beach. Ha-hah!

  4. March 15 sounds great. After 3 days in Orlando, Ill be attending the Flyers game against the Panther. Then, after another day in Orlando, Ill be sliding over to Clearwater for the Phils St Pattys Day game against the Blue Jays…followed by a couple more days in Orlando.

  5. @ Bobert (who the hell names their kid Bobert) and Eddie what Kyle said is….It’s a sight many fans take in each March, one that symbolizes the unofficial start of spring, summer, warm weather – whatever you want to call it. Anyone who is a true Phillies fan suffers Baseball withdraw on the off season. You may not be able to relate due to you both being front runners.

  6. I think I prefer the sight of that decrepit foot over that awful “ill” shirt and the stain it burns into my soul.

  7. Yes, because making casual observations makes you a front runner. Begone wench, and go make some man a sandwich.

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