Kevin Kolb is Pulling No Punches, Wants to Start


Kevin Kolb is tired of being a backup:  []

“I love it here, as everybody knows.  My family’s settled in here. I would love to be starting here. But I want to be starting somewhere.”

Kolb was then asked if could take another season in Philadelphia as the backup.

“I can’t answer that question,” he said.


Can you blame him?  After being drafted four years ago, he's only started six games.  He's said all the right things and been nothing but supportive of his teammates.  I don't think he's that good, but he deserves the chance.


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  1. Yeah unfortunately that deal he signed during the summer makes him the most coveted backup QB in the NFL next season. I think like 90% of his 2 yr deal counted against the 2010 payroll. So he’s the best bargain in football in 2011 as a backup. I assume he got traded somewhere to start, he’d make re-doing his deal/signing an extension as part of that.
    Eagles would be foolish to trade him. Probably franchise Vick and bring both guys back on last year of deal in 2011.

  2. He deserves the chance because there’s nothing else left for him to gain as a backup. He needs the opportunity to start, and if he’s not good, then he’s just not good, it’s not for lack of learning. He’s done more than enough time as a backup, it’s time for him to move up and whether that’s here or somewhere else.
    *I don’t think he’s very good either, but we’ve both been wrong before.

  3. Kolb will be nothing more then a back up. Ever. He needs to accept the fact that he really isn’t that good.
    Reid needs to go. His play calling and time management have gone done the tube.

  4. How would you ever know that he is not a good quarterback. By starting a few games peppered through 2 years. Yeah, awesome way to figure out a guys talent level

  5. If he wants to be a starter I fail to see how he could do that over Vick. I honestly don’t know if he’s good enough and as long as he is wearing an Eagles uniform at the same time as Vick I doubt we ever will

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