Lavs is Absolutely Awesome, Played Bob on a Guarantee

Friggin' love this man and his pursed-lipped snark. 

Lavs joined Mike Missanelli yesterday, and before ever getting to the hockey discussion, he called out Mikey Miss for talking nothing but Eagles for the last four months. 

Before we even get into that, right, what's goin' on there? I don't know if I should admit this or not, I actually listen to your show. Right? And the Flyers have been alright, we've been doing ok for the past, oh say, four months. Right? And not even a crack on that show, ever.

What do we got to do to move our needle?


Keep winning, big fella, keep winning.

By the way, I couldn't agree more with Lavs. The vast majority of the population is happy to move on and talk about hockey and baseball- but that's another post.

The conversation quickly turned to the goalies and specifically, Bob. Lavs detailed why Bob got 11 straight starts back in November. In Soviet Russia, win guarantee you!

He literally said during that run… he got beat one game and he went in and told Jeff Reese he wasn't going to lose for a month. That's the way he worded it, I won't lose for one month. So we kept playing him and he kept winning, so we just left him in there.

He was able to get it out in English, either that or Reeser took some Russian classes. Anyway, it got back to me, so we just kept playing him.


Amazing- this kind of confidence from a rookie.

A quick check of the stats shows that after Bob lost to Anaheim on October 21st, he didn't lose in again in regulation until November 16th. He started every game from October 26th-November 18th.

The best part? It sounds like he said it in English. So, by my count, he knows two phrases in our fine language:



I won't lose for one month

May 15th would be a good time to drop that second line again.

Listen to the interview here.


10 Responses

  1. Gotta love Lavs and Bob.
    I also was reminded why I don’t listen to 97.5 and why I hate Missenelli.

  2. “Today from 2-6, a special Tuesday edition of 97.5 FM The Fanatic Philadelphia’s Mike Missanelli show with Jon Marks , LIVE from Chickie’s & Pete’s @ Parx Casino!
    Mike will break down the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles highs and lows with special guests Sal Paolantonio and Vai Sikahema! They’ll be talking CBA, this years draft, and what exac…tly this Eagles team do to revive an exhausted defense.”

  3. Enough with the freaking Iggles. We have the best team in the east right now in a definite postseason power. And let’s not forget, Cliff Lee.

  4. I, for one, am sick of how the Philadelphia media “jerks off” the Eagles on a daily basis, even though they are already done playing or are just playing like shit. Very rarely do the Flyers get decent coverage, unless they make a huge comeback like the Boston series last year or they make the Stanley Cup Finals.

  5. Good for Lavs!
    At least 97.5 finally had him on the air yesterday. Hope it becomes a more regular occurrence.

  6. Why are they still talking about the Eagles when the real team in Philadelphia starts in less than a month…

  7. I agree with Lavy, what about the Flyers season once in a while? The Eagles are done, the Phillies don’t start their season for a few months, and the 76ers suck. I want to hear about the Flyers, all you see on the news about them is their highlights, no in depth analysis or anything like they do for our other teams. Thats sport-ist. 😀

  8. By the way, I’m watching the Caps broadcast for tonight’s game (Gamecenter won’t let me get the Flyers feed on my Roku–WTF!?). And before the game they were showing the Philadelphia skyline at the opening of their broadcast. And what do I see on the electronic display on the F-PECO building? “Fly, Eagles Fly…” WTF!? WTF!? WTF!? Fuck the F-PECO morons. No respect.

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