Holy shit, I just called Lou Williams a boss- I must be running a fever.

Two tremendous endings this afternoon in Philly hoops.

Lou Williams was certified boss (uhh) in the second half, dropping 23 points, including a game-tying three with just seconds left in the fourth quarter. Iguodala eventually hit the go-ahead basket in overtime.

I thought about setting Lou Will's bucket to his "Imma Boss" song, but eh, you can do that yourself after the jump.

Something, something, abusin' the vagine and being good at basketball.

Meanwhile, Villanova came up short, as UCONN's Kemba Walker hit a runner in the lane with two seconds to go in a high-level, back and forth game. Tough loss for 'Nova, but they'll take on #3 Syracuse on Saturday.

Both videos after the jump (Villanova video is a little rough via YouTube- I'm too pissed off about it to care).

Let this be the last time we merge Villanova and the Sixers into the same post.