Mike Missanelli Interviews Michael Vick, Makes Puppy Discipline Analogy

To be fair, Mikey Miss later claimed that it was a slip of the tongue. I'm sure.

What's the story with DeSean?  Is he just a young pup who talks out of turn every now and then and you're a wiley veteran now and have to hit the pup on the nose or what? 



Seems Mike screwed the pooch on that question (thanks to Johnny for that one).

Listen to it after the jump.



The full interview is here. Actually a pretty good discussion with Vick, which ends with the manager of the Aloft hotel waxing poetic about him.


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  1. I heard it live and couldn’t believe he said that. Overall it was a pretty good interview, but that was a “violation” for mike miss to use that phrase.

  2. Personally, I have no issue when people make dog comments/jokes to Vick. For all that he did, he should have to deal with jokes, just my opinion.

  3. I heard this interview and it just further fueled my hate for mike vick, not as a person, but as a QB… Mikey Miss asks something to the effect of “How do you address the people that say that your play dropped off in the last 3 games of the season( NYG, minn, GB) and Vick responds(paraphrase) “I played the best i could and i am responsible for my actions on the field, i want to be held accountable for my results and actions in the game.” Ok Great answer…and wait for it………….
    Mikey miss: “what about the people that say your play slipped b/c you cant read the blitz” Mike vick: “Well what most people dont know is that i was hurt during the first play against minnesota”……. What how can you say you want to be accontable and then make excuses!!!! this man is a great athlete but a horrible QB. He did good b/c he was improved and was playing pocket QB reading progressions and such better, but as soon as they had film on him(5-7 games worth, the fall began!

  4. I would play that clip, but it would constitute a violation of my Missanelli/Tonelli’s-Pizza Boycott. He probably said it on purpose because he so desperately wants to be some kind of shock jock.

  5. Did you hear the part at the begining when Mikey Miss said that he wanted adress the future as well as the past and Vick basically said I’m not gonna talk about the past. For those who aren’t regular listeners of Mike’s show, he was suppose to have Vick on several months ago but the interview was cancelled at the last minute by Vick’s people or the Eagles (can’t remember which) because Missanelli said over he was gonna grill him on what happened back in Virgina over the Summer.

  6. @Adam, you’re an idiot.
    @Xyz, I hear ya. I painfully listened to his interview with Lavs that was posted the other day here it sounded he was pissed off that Lavs wasn’t kissing his ass for letting him on the show. Missenelli is a moron that makes up for a lack of intelligence with a smug attitude.

  7. Eric, please explain how i am idiot? i am curious… i feel that i made a valid point… the man was totally contradictory saying he wants to be responsible for his actions then makes an excuse, to remove responsibility from himself… oh and you are retarded if you cant see that point… before you type a response make sure you put on your foam helmet and tighten your velcro shoes.

  8. Adam, you read way too far into his comments. Can you explain to me you got from him saying he was hurt, to him not taking responsibility? I could see where you were coming from if he threw the o-line under bus and while he would have had a point, it wouldn’t be his place to do that. If anything him saying he was hurt was a way to deflect the question. He’s said many a time after the season was over that he needs to go back and do a better job of reading blitzes and was probably tired of asking the same question. If that’s all you have to nitpick about you have some serious issues.

  9. @ Horseface This was Missanelli’s second interview with Vick. The first one was cancelled and then he came on a few weeks after that and Missanelli grilled him about the dog fighting and everything. Then Vick was just on Mike and Mike and answered all the questions they had for him about the dog fighting as well.

  10. Adam..I heard a bit of the M&M interview on the way to work but didn’t realize he made up the date with Missanelli..thanks

  11. Eric, first off i am a devote fan and no matter how much i hate the direction this team is heading in i stay with them. I bought my tix to 2 games this season. and used to buy their merchandise. I watch them every week, so i feel those things give me a right to critique anything i want. isnt that why blogs were invented, to voice our opinions. And if Vick was a true leader he would have said something like “I didnt get it done” or even the more general “We didnt get it done today”…. excuse me from expecting greatness from my teams…. you wouldnt hear Peyton or Brady pull that shit!

  12. @ Adam, I second that you are indeed an idiot. As these blogs were created I can too voice my opinion. “you wouldnt hear Peyton or Brady pull that shit!” Since you are this knowledgeable over the Bradys and Peytons, what did they say when Rex Ryan handed them losses? What do you get out of saying “i didn’t get it done’? All in all a loss is a loss. Vick is the best leader we’ve had on the offensive side of the ball in more than a decade, so get a grip Mr. PETA. I too am a dog lover but seriously man get over you and your farm of dogs.

  13. Just a quick brady quote after the lose this year…
    The Jets have had a good year,” said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during an interview on WEEI Monday morning. “And when you’ve had a good year you can say whatever you want to say. I wish we won just to be able to shut them up, but we didn’t.
    “So you know what, it just validates what they think it takes to win. That’s what they gain confidence from. I wish we could have gone out and executed a lot better, but we didn’t. That’s something we’re all going to have to deal with and work through. Every year we’ve lost in the playoffs has been really disappointing, and this year is certainly no different.”
    Read more: http://www.sentinelandenterprise.com/rss/ci_17126088?source=rss#ixzz1Bbyhrpy7

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