More with My Two Dads: At Home with Briere and Giroux

Briere_sonYeah, that's his kid

Chuck Gormley of the Courier Post takes us inside the home, the hearth, if you will, of Danny Briere and Claude Giroux:

On practice days, Briere and Giroux usually share a ride to the Skate Zone in Voorhees, grab lunch and are back in Haddonfield in time for one of them to pick up the three boys at Central School, where Caelan, in seventh grade, Carson, in sixth, and Cameron, in fourth, stay for homework club until 4 p.m.

"They'd rather have Claude pick them up," Briere says. "He's like a big brother to them and it's cool for their friends."


It seems the kids prefer to have Uncle 'Roo pick them up.

The most amazing part? All three of Briere's sons play hockey and he's the assistant coach on all of their teams- two of which are coached by Keith Primeau and Derian Hatcher, respectively.

Great article from Gormley here via Broad Street Hockey


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  1. You know what, if his kids turn out to be better than “Fatty Arbuckle” Reid’s scions, than I’m OK with it. I wish I had an Uncle ‘Roo to teach me life’s lessons when I was just a little ball bearing trying to make my way in this mad world.

  2. That was a great article. oh how much fun it would be to live in that house!!
    btw, his son looks just like him!!

  3. What a great Dad Briere is and Giroux living and learning with him is really cool story. Those are some lucky kids with such famous and cool Dad and big brother.
    Great story all around, and glad to see Briere stepping up and being a solid single dad….

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