New Union Jersey


via Dave Zeitlin (@DaveZeitlin) of the Daily Local News.

The first person who calls it a "kit" gets blocked.


Official photo.


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  1. terrible..not only does it make those colors even worse, it is a completely smack in the face to tastycake..WHO EVEN HAVE THE UNION BLUE COLOR IF THEY WERE TO GO THAT ROUTE.. i get it that tastycake isnt in a financial spot to sponsor the team but all the union did was represent a company thats just going to drive them further into the ground..what does that say about the Union organization and its loyalty to this area?

  2. Dissapointed’s comment makes no sense whatsoever.
    First, make those colors even worse? Those colors aren’t bad at all. I’m pretty sure no fans have had trouble wearing blue and gold, a pretty good choice of vintage colors for the whole vintage soccer theme the Union are using.
    Drive them further into the ground? A.) How are they in the ground to begin with. They had an extremely successful first season minus their record, which is expected of a first-year team. They couldn’t have asked for much more to go right, playing Man U and Celtic, getting an enormous fan base, and a supporters section, and producing a respectable team. B.) How is Bimbo going to drive them into the ground? Bimbo sponsors numerous soccer teams around the entire world, it was only time before they got into the MLS. They are a successful company and now they have an American reach.
    And lol @ no loyalty to this area. Give me a break, Bimbo’s HQ is in Horsham PA. Not too far. Granted this isn’t Comcast or Tastycake(which does’t make sense anyway) but theres reasons for that, between money and TV contracts these two choices never had enough steam. The only one you could be disappointed about is Panasonic not getting it, which honestly lost its luster as a rumor a while back when they essentially stopped caring about the bid.
    IMO the colors aren’t the best, but Bimbo made a clause in the contract to get the red and blue in there, so any chance of Blue and Gold in the logo wasn’t going to happen.

  3. I don’t know. Good job getting a sponsor, but I just don’t know. Does anyone know anything about Bimbo without knowing their brands? Maybe this will be conversation starter they are looking for, but I’m just not sure.
    Like someone said, I wish it was Tastykake, but what are you going to do. They aren’t in a position neither with their national footprint nor financial positioning.

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