Offseason Wedding Face Off: Cindy Francisco v. Stephenie Kendrick

Ready… fight!

Yesterday, we posted pictures from Kyle Kendrick's offseason wedding. Back in December, Ben Francisco tied the knot. Who did better?

Tale of the tape:

Stephenie Kendrick

A former Survivor star contestant, who owns GIGI Restaurant and Lounge in the city. Also models for Trunkettes– the swimsuit that covers more (why?!!). Married a fifth starter.

Cindy Francisco

She's from Kansas City. Married a platoon player.

Your thoughts. Who's the bigger overachiever? Opine in the comments. Vote here.

All in good fun, of course. Congrats to both guys on the nuptials. You can find Kendrick's full gallery here and Ben Fran's here.


23 Responses

  1. She’s married to Kyle Kendrick who sucks and no one wants him to play here so I go with Cin Fran all the way

  2. Is it just me or do they look almost exactly the same?! Also, i mentioned that Ben Fran looks like a cross between Stefan and Urkel from family matters, but that suit is straight up stefan from one of the original episodes. I wonder if he knows a Waldo Giraldo Faldo….

  3. Cindy is wearing what looks like a bumpit. Tacky tacky. But then Steph’s eyebrows ate out of control. So I have to go with grooms. Benny for the win…love the white tux!

  4. Gotta go with Cindy. Stephenie kinda fake looking. Ben Fran sure outkicked his coverage….good for him. Best to both couples.

  5. Defenestrate, I know I saw you say before that Francisco looks like Stefan and Urkel but damn does it crack me up everytime. It’s so spot on. Word of that comparison has to make it to the Phils clubhouse.

  6. I’m with Naomi — that is the grossest, weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!! And it’s not even a good looking toe! Ben’s wife’s gotta win it for pedicure alone!

  7. Gotta go with Big Ben here. How he gets any girl close enough to that planet Jupiter of a nose is beyond me, so good catch for him.

  8. Stephenie Kendrick is a complete b%tch. Witnessed her a few years ago after several Flyers games at the pavilion running around like she owned the place, pushing people around and spilling drinks on people to get them to move (including my SO for no reason at all) like she was all that. And no she wasn’t drunk she was just acting like a spoiled little brat. This is back when she couldn’t get her restaurant off the ground.
    I hope she has a miserable marriage and Kyle cheats on her. PS: her restaurant is terrible despite what she thinks.
    What goes around comes around Stephenie!

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