Our Smug Level is off the Charts

And it's only January…

Our friend Craig Calcaterra from Hardball Talk (Braves fan alert) digs into a Phillies fan friend of his, who posted this on his Facebook profile: 37 days until Aces and catchers report!

I like it.  Craig doesn't:

Last I checked their hitters were made to look silly by the Giants and now they’re down one of the best of that bunch and plan on replacing him with a guy who got cut from his Winter Ball team.


Oh nos!

Your thoughts?  Are we getting a little too smug?  Does anyone care?  I have Spring Training tickets and am currently using rose petals in the shape of Cliff Lee's ironic chin to count down to Valentine's Day- the first day of workouts for Phillies Aces and catchers.

Cliff Lee.


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  1. It’s all good. Just don’t get as bad as smug Yankees fans. Luckily we still have a bit to go.

  2. He better watch it before we start courting Heyward! He must have forgotten where ALL the premiere players want to be! Philadelphia! YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But to answer your question….NO I don’t think we are getting too smug.

  3. Rose petals in the shape of Cliff Lee’s chin to count down. Holy fuck, that’s why I love it here.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of getting too smug, but that remark is pretty biased.
    Giants Pitching last postseason was hot. Starting & Bullpen (they’re great, no argument there, but they were flat out awesome last postseason).
    Last Postseason:
    Giants Pitching > Braves Lineup
    Giants Pitching > Phils Lineup (Ugh… revenge this year!)
    Giants Pitching > Texas Lineup
    They were great, but this year we’ll be greater.
    Phils will win 101 games this year… at least. That’s not being smug, smug would be 120 games, 101 is realistic. Let go Phils!

  5. What’s he so mad about? The Braves just signed Dan Uggla to a great extension!
    BAHAHAHAhahahaha! Almost said that with a straight face! My smug level has no chart!!

  6. That Braves fan is just a jealous tool bag. The status comes off as just being excited for baseball in general and this Braves homer has to chime in talking shit.
    I am a fan of the countdown until “ACES” and catchers report. Well played.
    Smug-a-delphia…April yet?

  7. I don’t think it’s smug at all. I’m pretty sure WE ALL ate out Humble Pie last fall. If smug means, selling out every single home game, having your own separate calendar for counting down Spring Training, and laughing at the Mets organization, then YES. But don’t call us smug for our GM going out and giving the team the best shot at another WS

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with being smug about this particular situation. We have the best starting rotation in MLB. Hands down. No contest.
    Any fan of any team would be smug if they had this rotation. Fans of other teams can pretend they’d be gracious or humble but they’d be just smug. I just think they’re mad that they don’t have four aces and bring up the Giants pitching to shut us up.
    Don’t shut up, Philly fans. Continue to be smug. Continue to be excited about all the possibilities 2011 brings. And if they still keep trying to rain on your parade simply say “U mad”.

  9. Same clowns who crucified us for trading Lee now gripe when we revel in having him back. Ten years we had to put up with hearing about the Braves having the ‘Greatest Pitching Rotation’ everytime they played. But we’re smug for acknowledging two Cy Young winners and a World Series MVP as Aces.

  10. I must have forgotten about the howards and utleys and rollins and choochs and Hawaiians that the braves have. Nevermind that’s us, don’t talk about hitting when you have one descent hitter in your lineup.

  11. He’s right. We are getting kind of obnoxious. I mean, what kind of fan base gets all snooty about making the playoffs year after year when they’ve only got ONE World Series win to show for it?

  12. I have to laugh at the haters who are making a stink about age…yes a guy who was 32 years old threw a perfect game and a no hitter in the same season, won 21 games, walked 30 batters in 250 ip, struck out 214 batters and posted 2.44 era in a small ballpark and Cliff Lee im not even going to post numbers because they speak for themselves….Im excited to be finally home from military service to see this staff pitch so as a whole us in Philly are excited as would YOU Be, Yes we have one of the best if not the best staffs in MLB and to be honest, The Giants were not the better team, i say this because they were not however their pitching was outstanding and they had timely hitting as our hitting went on vacation, which is my only concern this upcoming season, when our bats go silent they truly do and im not happy with the outfield and feel we need a RHB still.
    As for the haters who are bashing Philly baseball, your jealous, if you had our big 4 you would be doing the same shit but since you dont you just sit back and hate, oh and the tazer shit has to stop..Oakand Police tazed a fan at an A’s game in 2009 and some parts of Oakland are worse than places ive been in Afghanistan and the same goes for parts of our city..Follow me on Twitter(CMD11B) if youd like as Im constantly seeking people to follow so I can grow and learn from passionate Philly fans like me, Im a dir hard Phils and Flyers fan

  13. Meh, we went cold at the wrong time and had some injuries last year. Nothing to be ashamed about. We only needed to be a little better and htis year we will be a LOT better.
    I don’t think Jason Werth is going to be a bigger factor then Lee. I honestly think Werth’s value is overhyped.

  14. Let’s not forget that Braves fans are the first to exclaim that they had a better rotation in the 90’s. Also, John Smoltz, who ripped the Phillies for years for a having small ballpark, stating that they wouldn’t be able to attract star pitchers, came out and said that these top four are better, in his opinion, than the top four the Braves had. Then again, Smoltz has dabbled in some smugness over the course of his career as well.

  15. last season coletrain said that he’d like to win 120 games but thats unrealistic so he wanted to win like 100-105 wait what why dont you want to win 162 games?

  16. You know, It’s not a given that Brown will take over right field. I’m curious to see how Fransisco will fare if given more playing time. I’m in favor of a Fransisco/ Gload platoon. Let’s remember that last season was riddled with injuries which threw off offensive timing. I think that if this season is injury free or at least minimal, then, we will see great offense- great hitting. Now, with our new and improved pitching staff(starters), I am extremely optimistic. Am I smug? Not so much.

  17. People are totally acting smug. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about the high level of our sports teams (GO SIXERS!!) Hell, i’m super excited for the Phils too, but it’s another thing to start talking shit like our teams have actually consistently brought home championships. I’ve been saying that the level of smug i’ve seen so far since we got Cliff Lee and the Eagles were going ape on everyone is up to the level of Boston fans when the C’s, Sox, and Pats were ACTUALLY WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS a few years ago.

  18. Atlanta is scared so their starting to talk trash. Phillies have the best overall team in the league and they cant handle it. Get ready Atlanta R2C2 is gonna destroy you this year. haha

  19. @jeff….I agree. Have fun and be confident. Just don’t be a douche. Even most smug Yankees fans waited until after they won it all to have a parade the year they signed CC, Burnett, and Texeira. Just saying 1 title in the city in the last 28 years. Let’s not count our chickens with premature celebrations yet.

  20. Smug? Us?
    Braves fans were the Eepittoemee of Smuggness back in the ’90s.
    What a bunch of pussy whiners they turned out to be. Rendell is right. A Nation of Wusses with The ATL at the very top.

  21. Smug?? Really..yea, the Giants played well in the post season and won it all. But does anyone really think they’ll even make the playoffs in 2011?? As for the Braves fan…sour grapes, but that’s ok, he’ll get another dose in 2011.

  22. I lolz at the jealous little Braves fan (hey, they do exist after all). I’m going down to ST in March. Can’t wait

  23. Yeah. and we added a Cy Young candidate who took a paycut because he loves Philly. That last part must hurt the most.

  24. I didn’t do this for the President. When I had this opportunity, not only was it work, but it was something that I could do, as an actor, for the victims and their families. Something I could give back.

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