Phillies to Play in Civil Rights Game, Wear Throwbacks

MLB announced today that the Phillies will play in the 2011 Civil Rights game on May 15th in Atlanta.

From the website:

Major League Baseball vice president of baseball development Jimmie Lee Solomon said that he was pleased to enrich this year's game with the Phillies, who possess a pair of African-American stars (Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins), Hawaii native Shane Victorino and popular Latin American stars Raul Ibanez and Carlos Ruiz.


Not to mention four white outdoorsy Aces…

Coincidentally (or not), on Tuesday, Ruben Amaro was given the Anti-Defamation League's "Homegrown Hero Award" for promoting diversity in sports.

Both teams will wear throwbacks from the Negro Leagues.  MLB tells us they are still in the planning stages on which jerseys will be worn and when they'll be unveiled, but I'm guessing it will be a Philadelphia Stars jersey that looks something like this this or please not this.


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  1. wait, a civil rights game between one of the last team to integrate and a team called the BRAVES. Way to go Bud…

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