Quote of the Night: Claude Giroux on Being Little

Giroux was one of the several Flyers who threw down last night, but at least he's honest about being in the lightweight division:

“When I get pissed off at something, I try finding the smallest guy on the other team and go fight him."


Watch him fight Nick Foligno, who is 6'0, 205 lbs, after the jump. Also included is video of the team talking about the fights- Mike Richards doesn't like to fight.


5 Responses

  1. This team is just phenomenal. Even though they were ahead in the third period they decided collectively that they weren’t going to let a bad team come into their house and get chippy. That kind of response only strengthens them as a unit.
    Also, the effort on that Meszaros goal was impressive. Two games in a row! Who knew he was a sniper?!? lolz

  2. @Vladimir – where did you see the Flyers “clearly get beat up”? Most of the fights were draws. The only one that was a “clear” win was Shelley lumping up Neil. He did skate off bleeding pretty good.
    And you say again? C’mon brother. Back then Brasheer caused the Sens to bleed too.
    You are “clearly” delusional.

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