Raul Ibanez Has Gone Rogue

Raul_ibanez_beardNot Ted Williams

Raul has turned into the heel. And I like it.

CSNPhilly.com has video of Raul talking about pressure. The piece also includes some footage of his offseason training program in New Jersey… and his new look.

Last year, Ibanez had offseason surgery to correct two abdominal tears, and he came into the season in less than good shape. It looks like this year will be a different story.

Plus there's that beard- good luck getting on the plane to Florida with that, Raul.

Video after the jump.


11 Responses

  1. A productive Raul would be huge this year…we’ve been missing that for the last 1.5 seasons. It would help soften the blow of losing Werth a little.

  2. “Pressure is a single mom, working two jobs, trying to feed her family …”
    You rock, Raul.
    I love that these guys are not only great ball players, but good human beings.
    How many millionaire athletes have that kind of perspective?

  3. you rock, raul!!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START!!!!! do your magic and help us win another series!!!!! love the beard!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tear the stat sheet up this year RAUUULLLL…..show us you can handle the load that Werth is gonna leave us to fill…..you and Dom Brown!!!! WAHOOOOOO CANNOT WAIT!!

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