Video: Sean Avery is Some Kind of Prick, Briere and Hartnell Could be in Trouble with the League

In case you missed it last night, video after the jump of Sean Avery taking cheap shot at Matt Carle, after the two briefly squared-off. According to, that was Carle's first NHL fight, and if the league was filled with pricks like Avery, I'm sure it would be his last.

Needless to say, when the Flyers spoke with reporters after the game, they weren't too happy with the whole thing.


I think what's frustrating is that we had a lots of guys that wanted to have a little dance with Avery but he wouldn't respond. That's what frustrating about the whole thing. He goes after Matt Carle, I don't think he's had any fights in his whole career.


Jody Shelley [when asked if it mattered that Avery was his teammate last year]:

No, I mean that was last year. That's done. You know, that's not how it works, it's nothing like that. It's Philadelphia Flyers pride, and as a group we represent the Flyers, the city of Philadelphia and the fans. I think we all felt the same way right there.


Matt Carle:

You know what kind of player he is. I didn’t really know what was going on. The scrum happened, he came in and tied me up. I had my jersey wrapped up over my head, so next thing I know I was getting punched in the face and I was on the ice.


Perhaps an offshoot of this is that Danny Briere, along with Scott Hartnell, might wind up in some more trouble with the league. It seems as though television cameras missed it, but many, including Chuck Gormley and the NY Post, are reporting that Briere and Hartnell took swipes at Brandon Prust during the final seconds of the game.

Prust leveled Kimmo Timonen in the corner, and after Richards pushed him off towards the Flyers' bench, it sounds as though Briere and Hartnell got in a few freebies. That will lead to a fine and perhaps suspension.

Maybe it's best Briere won't be at the All-Star game…

Video of the Avery incident after the jump- fun starts around the 1:00 mark. And here is the full game recap.

UPDATE: MSG had video of Briere and Hartnell taking swings at Prust from the bench.

Both videos after the jump.

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  1. The guy (Carle) tried it out against you…you got him good, let it be. What does Avery do, continue cheap shots. Classless.
    Then Avery pussys out vs. Shelley because that would actually be a solid bout where he may lose.
    Is it wrong that I want to see Avery checked into boards face first and watch him lay on ice motionless…oh and with a few cheap shots from Carle while the medical staff come out to attend to him?

  2. I think if Avery were to get a serious injury while in the Wells Fargo Center, we’d see a Michael Irvin-esque cheering fest.

  3. Avery is such a scumbag. He cost us the Black Friday game against Calgary in overtime because of the so called “Sean Avery Rule” too…
    He’ll get his. They always do.

  4. I have no problem with Avery on this one…even though I hate him. Carle looked ready to go and Avery didnt go nuts when he went to the ice. Two shots and stopped.

  5. I dont think Avery will see league action on this one because him and Carle were both sqaured off and ready to go. Regardless of Carle’s career fight totals, he had the gloves off and was fair game.
    What I hate though, is Avery’s lack of honor and class. Most of the game’s respected enforcers know the unwritten rule that you don’t hit someone when they’re down. In fact, this concept covers much more than hockey.
    Also, leave it to the New York media to dwell on that small altercation at the end of the game. Compared to Avery throwing punches on a helpless player down on the ice, Danny Briere tossing a small jab from the bench on Prust is really pretty frivolous.
    I hate Sean Avery, he’s a disgrace. I really hope he mans up and sheds the mittens with Shelley or Carcillo sometime the remainder of the season.

  6. Mike – All NHL “Fighters” know better then to keep punching when a guy goes to the ice or turtles and Avery hit him 2 hard times and missed once too (if I remember it, haven’t watch the video again yet).
    As for the punches on Prust, weak, looks like they grabbed at him. Prust more or less boarded Timms…. lets just face it, the NHL and the “Elite” cities hate us and thats it………..

  7. can’t wait til we play them again, shelley and carcillo better be in the lineup, i wanna see carbomb vs avery and shelley vs prust, we’re a better hitting team than them and we’re gonna shit on them again just like last night

  8. I love to hate this fucker, He represents everything that is unsportsmanlike in hockey, The league likes to point fingers at Hartnell and Briere but take a look at total freaks like Jordan Tootoo and Sean Avery, the need to double their doses and act like humans not fucking animals, sure hockey is a tough game played by tough guys but I cannot stand the cheap shots or unsportsmanlike conduct, in life and in hockey if you mess with the more docile players and your a banger like Prust and Avery then expect retalitation by one of our bangers…If someone wants to get me a ticket to an Flyers Rangers game at home I will fight Avery, Not worried about getting in trouble, I will have the whole city secretly behind

  9. avery is a puassy…he always goes after people who don’t fight and then shys away when the bashers come around, waht a puss…go watch the runway shows queeer

  10. AVERY AVERY AVERY AVERY!!!!THE MSG CROWD IS YELLING! avery fights anyone and people twice his size, avery is barely 5’10 and not even 200 lbs. Its not his fault Matt Carle is a woman. You guys are acting like its the worst thing ever happend, remmber carcillo beat up gaborik ? cant get get any scummier. Not only did rangers beat up the flyers in that scrum, the flyers almost chocked away a 3 goal lead. That is not going anywhere with that goaltending.

  11. Avery is a punk and a disgrace to the NHL. Last night Dubinsky should have been tossed from the game or better, he should be suspended for leaving his feet to jump a Flyer. And then Avery, that punk jumped Matt Carle who had already covered up and is not a fighter. The Rangers have always been a thug team and last night’s game video should be reviewed. Briere & Hartnell should not have done what they did but they were love taps comed to Dubinsky, Newbury & AVERY that PUNK!!!!!

  12. Avery is just a stupid punk with no hockey talent. The best thing for the NHL is that he retire or just quit! Let a real athlete come up to the Rangers and play with some dignity. Vladimir-as far as I am concerned you are the same type of asshole as Avery.

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